The Game of SPLEEF – Minecraft Animation

The Game of SPLEEF - Minecraft AnimationShirts! Twitter: Oh boy! My favorite Minecraft mini-game! Facebook:…

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20 Responses to “The Game of SPLEEF – Minecraft Animation”

  1. Yigit Senkaya Says:

    finally new animation !

  2. KiKr 36 Israel Says:


  3. NoobaGutt Says:

    81 minecrafters got spleefed out by sheeps.

  4. Ether Pump Says:

    The few last seconds. Hillarious

  5. Helvijs Kapaklis Says:

    Nice animation

  6. Maik Rotfuchs Says:

    Dave play Super Zombie XD

  7. Geri104 Says:

    so good and funny animation, I like you :D

  8. Thechallengekids dawn Says:

    And then the ADVENTure crew come to help, I knew I remembered slamacow in
    this town before!

  9. maxiethedog1 Says:

    5:48 lol

  10. MR_MM99 Says:

    Keep up the good work man! This is AWESOME!!!

  11. madmax3004 Says:

    Seriously ROFL at the end xD

  12. TheAnimatedChicken Says:

    You never let us down Steven! Great as usual! :D

  13. Ami Yamato Says:

    My goodness! The amount of work you did in such a short time is astounding!

  14. NinjaCharlieT | Minecraft Animations! Says:

    Awesome bro! :D

  15. YourProGamerHD Says:

    Rendertime 100000 hours :D

  16. mischa mail Says:

    Forgive dave. He has no brain

  17. Frank Yang Says:

    Omfg the time was worth it

  18. quillandandrew Says:

    So, my question is: Who did the sheep beat? Chickens?

  19. EW Langs Says:

    Your back!!!!

  20. LuminousLightx3 Says:


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