The Escapists | S8E07 “Plan B!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Escapists | S8E07 Let’s play The Escapists! In this episode, Punchwood must recover from the failure of his initial escape plan! â-» Subscribe for more! â-» My Escapists playlist:…

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20 Responses to “The Escapists | S8E07 “Plan B!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. Jonathon ! Says:

    The escapists online would be a great idea

  2. legoclone09 Says:

    7:11 Chase had all of the shades of gray.

  3. Joseph Chan Says:

    Paul, great videos, especially this one. Since I’ve watched this video for
    a while now, I decided to subscribe to you. Keep it going! Also, the first
    video I watched was Smileyland from Unturned. Keep those going too!

  4. TheSkidify Says:

    Day offically made.

  5. Anthony Z. Says:

    My new shirt (I had to email them about sending a new one, the first one
    was wrongly colored and not centered) still hasn’t come! >:(

    Thats ok though, I can wait. Love the vids as always Paul!!

  6. Noah Brodberg Says:

    Wow… This is my first time to get this close to the start

  7. George Smith Says:

    Plot twist bently was angering Pablo punchwood so he would not give up!

  8. TheOldMan Says:

    Love this series!

  9. Anthony Abreu Says:

    Are you going to play fan made prisons 

  10. BBtv Says:

    awesome vids :D

  11. The Coldest Twilight Says:

    Copay is 5$ 

  12. mypurestatus Says:

    Check my videos i show how to escape every prison in The Escapists :)

  13. Anna Bogen Says:

    the key you thought was silver is purple, make the key!

  14. Emily Moreno Says:

    In my English class were reading a book based in Alcatraz! 

  15. Jiff Pop Says:

    At 10:57 I legitly thought that it said I need to die, please get me some

  16. Derg Enterprises Says:

    By the time you escape, all the concrete will have corroded. Just had to
    throw a joke in there to reference what really happened.

  17. Owen Xm Says:

    playing Binding Of Isaac enternal edition, my god, i have not seen any
    enternal monsters, werid

  18. paulsoaresjr Says:
  19. Marie Giannini Says:

    are u or will u make another minecraft series or let’s play

  20. Isaac Hall Says:

    Please do more mine craft your awesome

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