The Escapists | S8E06 “Dead End!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Escapists | S8E06 Let’s play The Escapists! In this episode, Punchwood digs under the kitchen and finds a nasty surprise! â-» Subscribe for more! â-» My Escapists playlist:…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : May 3rd, 2015

20 Responses to “The Escapists | S8E06 “Dead End!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. Giancarlo Erazo Says:

    Wait, what? I thought The Escapist was uploaded Mon, Wed, and Fri?

  2. Elmeri Karino Says:

    when you are in kitchen you can make your onw food it is easy
    just take raw food from coller then cook it

  3. Ryan Brennan Says:

    Plz play Paul plays Minecraft season two. That was one of my favorite

  4. Isaac Hall Says:

    More minecraft :( 

  5. Brendan McGinn Says:

    UNDER 301 CLUB

  6. BreadSticks Says:

    i really like this DLC! btw could you do stonehearth again? i really loved
    that series!

  7. Minecraftmaster456™ Says:

    Your videos are amazing, please make more!

  8. Angelos Stamatis Says:

    under 200000000000000000000000000000 club we serve food. all kinds

  9. Tzanoob Gaming Says:

    But, HMP Irongate isn’t based on Alcatraz? 

  10. Cindy Bouchard Says:

    The DoDo Donut is pronounced like doooo doooo donut 

  11. StormyLaura H Says:

    Alcatraz, difficult to escape from? Gosh, what a shock! :P (Sorry, couldn’t
    resist XD)

  12. Gamingchewie Says:

    Paul, please make a map in map editor and record it then put a link to it
    in a video description so we can download and play it, thanks, (;

  13. TwerkingWalnutz Says:

    Cool DLC!!!

  14. The Gaming Hobo | zphil123 Says:

    Gonna watch the movie “Escape from Alcatraz” tonight! :D YAY

  15. SuperFriheim Says:

    Paul there’s a Easter egg in unturned, to find this Easter egg u have to
    travel to Kensington Campground at the bottom right, then look after a
    random bench on a top of a little hill, then look the way the bench is
    pointing and go just forward, ul have to swim also but when u have swam
    some distance it’s easy to see the Easter egg, plzz review this :3

  16. LeeroyCatfish Says:

    I gotta say Paul, i’ve been with you since the beginning. I’ve seen how you
    have evolved your commentating since survive and thrive S1E1. And i have
    more respect for you than any youtube channel out there. I’m delighted you
    keep up to our expectation, and i just want to say i’m proud of you. Thanks
    for everything PSJ.

  17. paulsoaresjr Says:
  18. Jackalope Ten Says:

    “Of course you’re going to find wood in the shower.” WAIT A SECOND
    was that… a dirty joke?

  19. TheDJHoller Says:

    +paulsoaresjr Can you not just make two more posters and chip through the
    walls in the kitchen area and get into the yard that way?

  20. Rainer Cunanan Says:

    Can u plz make EP 16 For The Long Dark Plz Love Ur Vids btw

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