The Escapists | S8E05 “Breaching the Kitchen!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Escapists | S8E05 Let’s play The Escapists! In this episode, Punchwood sneaks out at night and attempts to break into the kitchen! â-» Subscribe for more! â-» My Escapists playlist: http://goo….

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20 Responses to “The Escapists | S8E05 “Breaching the Kitchen!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. sawana wana Says:

    Hey Paul is it a good idea to favors about beating up one guard to get a
    lot of money?

  2. mrdojob Says:

    Nice hole in the wall. I had one just like it bit I lost it.

  3. Shi Zhan Says:

    hey paul there is a update for unturned they added 3rd person view

  4. HowtheHo 〰 Says:

    Will you be watching the fight of the century tomorrow?

  5. Reed Lua Says:

    Can you please explore the prison a bit more there is an outside section
    you haven’t gone and checked out yet, also i bet the guards will be able to
    see that pickax in the kitchen because you dropped it in line with the

  6. Paul Stevens Says:

    +paulsoaresjr Did you want us to wait on taking the pictures in the shirt?
    I only ask because I have mine but teespring is sending me another one
    because of a misprint or something.

    Should I take a pic now still if I want to enter the contest or were you
    wanting us to wait?

  7. Owen Xm Says:

    item idea: Wired Button

    battery + wire + molten plastic

    could be crafted with electrical items


  8. koolbrosMK Says:

    Pablo Punchwood will continue his dream after his escape!!

  9. Thomas Wood Says:

    So far, you’ve made a poster in each episode!

  10. Armybeast18 Says:

    Can please go to that outdoor area near-ish the kitchen, I don’t have the
    DLC, an wondered what it looked like, plus it could help you

  11. mtyms818 Says:

    Try and tell punchwood to avoid maketable…

  12. Derg Enterprises Says:

    Paul, are you aware the shirts had a batch that were miss-printed?
    Teespring sent me an email saying they were sending out another of the same
    shirts I ordered. I haven’t seen them, but my sister said they were 100%
    cotton and good quality. Well done on your selection Paul.

  13. Minecraftskull78 Says:

    You can Be a electrician if you want to Paul I believe in our dreams!

  14. paulsoaresjr Says:
  15. Samuel Roettger Says:

    Dream Big Paul!!!!!!!

  16. David Rouchon Says:

    301 club would you like

  17. Ninja Man Says:

    I love coming home to a Friday of the escapist 

  18. badguy5 Says:

    I wish that there was a penalty for staying up late. Like how Pablo is
    usually out and about until after 5AM, then gets up at 8AM. It doesn’t have
    to be much, but I think you should start with fatigue. *shrug*

  19. Jacob Reinhardt Says:

    Could you upload these more often, Paul? I can’t wait to see the every
    and/or next one!

  20. Wyatt Leasure Says:


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