The Escapists | S8E02 “Contraband Decoys!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Escapists | S8E02 Let’s play The Escapists! In this episode, Punchwood leaves contraband decoys to test the guard’s awareness! Watch my Facebook page to WIN FREE Escapists codes for Steam and XboxOne!

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20 Responses to “The Escapists | S8E02 “Contraband Decoys!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. aninjawaffle98 Says:

    Welcome to the under 301 club may I take your coats?

  2. Joe Fisher Says:

    You should call Bentley “officer Bentley continental” .
    And yes that is a car

  3. ColonialCyborg Says:

    Escapists is my favorite series, and from that hilarious intro, I knew this
    was going to be a great episode! Ah, so many good memories from Ring Around
    The Rosie…. ;)

  4. Colt Cappz Says:

    Oh my god Paul at 5:14 I was facepalming when you didn’t seem to notice the
    guard take your sheet rope from the vents

  5. Michael Patuto Says:

    paul get the kithcen job trust me its really good for making friends

  6. Ebenesser Kanneth Says:

    +paulsoaresjr What if you hide contraband all the way in the back of that
    hall area?

  7. Theodore Bloyd Says:

    39th vote (on my screen anyways)! keep up the bad work of getting caught
    Punchwood! :-)

  8. Jonah Robson Says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeezzz! Must…. Have….. Mine Craft!

  9. Brony 22 Says:

    can you just put tat other poster in front of the door so they can’t see
    whats in there?

  10. mypurestatus Says:

    Check my Videos i show how to escape every prison in The Escapists :)

  11. ZimosGaming Says:

    Paul i dont know if you can do this but do you think you can place the wall
    block in front of the door so the gaurds cant come in?

  12. paulsoaresjr Says:
  13. YoshiRocks64 Says:

    Yay! My shirt came in today!! I’m a Soarviver!!

  14. sigma1932 Says:

    Don’t know if it’ll work or not, but you could try using the bookshelves
    during exercise period since they’re in the same room as the workout
    equipment… would give you extra time to look around during free periods
    while still being able to craft stuff later…

  15. Dominik Molnár Says:

    The Guards have a sight range. I held my contraband and my escaping hole in
    a ventalation system what they never look and then I sucked because one of
    the items was too close to the door, one guard saw it, followed the items,
    collected them and found my hole. = Solitary
    I had to stop this madness and of curse it was at the same time with the
    morning rollcall. My luck was that I had 95+ strenght and 60+ speed and can
    took the guard out. It costed me anyways a few timber, files and duct
    tapes. After a few days I escaped.

  16. silverstream334 Says:

    I don’t know if you are aware, but there are unowned desks on the right
    side of the prison you can store contraband in. Hope this helps!!!

  17. Ahmed Fagouri Says:

    hello soarvivor, i was just put in a prison for the first time and i need
    your help please^^
    i just wanna ask u how to do the keybinding for the items 1 to 6
    thanks for the help^^

  18. justin luong Says:

    How come it is 4:17 and you haven’t posted the 3rd code! If my Facebook is
    just too slow give me a link.

  19. Jereme125 Says:

    I like your videos, I hate that you never answer

  20. Joshua Bryant Says:

    Paul if you see this i have a REALLY GOOD contraband place the toilets in
    the cells i tried it with my inmates toilet on stalag and IT WORKS so use
    that i haven’t tried outside of my cell but there is a catch you can really
    only use 2 because when u get sleep before u get off if u don’t have it out
    of there you see it’s gone next time u play

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