The Escapists | S8E01 “Welcome to The Rock!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough

The Escapists | S8E01 Let’s play The Escapists! In this episode, Punchwood winds up at Alcatraz, AKA “The Rock”, and gets right to work chipping a hole in his cell! Watch my Facebook page to WIN FREE Escapists codes…

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20 Responses to “The Escapists | S8E01 “Welcome to The Rock!” | Alcatraz DLC Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. impress the darkness Says:

    Just a tip
    If you are digging in your room you dont have to eat dodo donat or
    chocolate or chicken just rest in your bed 

  2. paulsoaresjr Says:
  3. Bode Wilson Says:

    Put your clothes in the crafting with blue ink on the right

  4. Cosmosit Says:

    You’ve mastered this game, haven’t you?

  5. Brian Bialke Says:

    play more escapist please more

  6. Caleb Luman Says:

    Well I somehow ended in prison XD

  7. PGW Chaos Says:

    Looking for the series, this seems like a fun DLC,Mythbusters had a special
    on the escape (it was a very early episode, don’t remember the season off
    the top of my head).

  8. brenda seamore Says:

    You can just punch someone else to distract the gaurds then run till the
    heat dies down

  9. BladeOfPurpleAura Says:

    Lol looks like I don’t have to enter the sweepstakes to have an inmate
    named after me. My name is Hunter irl.

  10. Garra Guy Says:

    also under 200 views club

  11. ColonialCyborg Says:

    Yes my T-Shirt came! I was SO EXCITED for it, I’m wearing it right now!!!

  12. Morgan Vanko Says:

    I have been to Alcatraz, and it was cool. you can even see the fake heads
    people used to escape.

  13. Anthony Z. Says:

    PSJ, I just got my Teeshirt today but they messed up the order. It was too
    small and the picture turned out really brown and wasn’t even centered :( 

  14. Joshua Bryant Says:

    Paul i got this game a while back and i finally got started on playing
    through it i escaped center perks i n ONE DAY :) and now i am on stalag

  15. mypurestatus Says:

    Check my videos! i show how to escape every prison on The Escapists :)

  16. Ruben Mooij Says:


  17. Chase Kempster Says:

    I got throw in jail from uncovering the secrets of spy chickens.

  18. SlurpiFroggiGaming Says:

    Hey! I just watched (Escape from) Alcatraz too! A lot of the stuff in this
    game is based on that movie, you’ll easily notice some similarities if you
    take a second and look.EDIT: Note to self: Watch whole video before
    commenting >.<

  19. NoobAdventuresGaming Says:

    I wonder if Birdseye was eating fish fingers while writing the note?!
    {Mainly English People Will Get That Joke}

  20. StormyLaura H Says:

    Cool beans! You didn’t leave Cheryl Tiegs in Canada, did you? You’ll be
    needing her on your walls.

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