Terraria – Getting Ready for Terraria 1.3!

Terraria - Getting Ready for Terraria 1.3!Let’s play Terraria! With Terraria 1.3 coming soon, just felt the urge to play on my server and leave a gift for my son as well as do some fishing! â-» Subscribe for more! http://goo.gl/unW7V8…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Terraria – Getting Ready for Terraria 1.3!”

  1. Adam Lewis Says:

    I’d love to see some terraria. :)

  2. Fenn7 Says:

    So excited this is coming back!

  3. Ernie Cinnamon Says:

    Man, I can’t wait for this series! I’ve been watching your videos for 2
    years now! The only thing that would make your channel better is minecraft.

  4. James Demos Says:

    this game is way better then minecraft.

  5. Fredweasley10 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I can play it on Mac finally!!!!

  6. CheeseCowLPs Says:

    Hey Paul, um question. What computer are you using and what are its specs?
    Thanks! :D

  7. XxDjDynamitexX Says:

    terraria with clash double and chimneyswift?

  8. darth telly Says:

    Paul you can take a bunny and strap dynamite to there back and then use
    them like bombs! 

  9. supermole plays Says:


  10. Latarian Milton Says:

    lol the kids that call this a 2-D minecraft have no idea what they are
    talking about.

  11. Droid15243Z Says:

    Has he completed the 1.2 content?

  12. TineCrine C Says:

    It would be awesome if you started terraria again, but please don’t do it
    with chim. I hate him dearly and wouldn’t wanna watch you play with that
    guy. I would like if you rather did it with somebody else such as pizzle,
    avidya, or beef maybe.

  13. ♥MissPeppermint♥ Says:

    1.3 isn’t coming out in June. Terraria Overworld is. 1.3 is still MONTHS

  14. Kakashikewl Says:

    How old is your son, Paul? And you? You seem like an awesome dad :)

  15. Sam Carey Says:

    Is there finally gonna be mac support in one point three

  16. paulsoaresjr Says:
  17. Jonofwrath Says:

    Good idea! I might make a new character and jump in from scratch too

  18. Lava Monger Says:

    Paul and Chim playing Terraria? Yes. So much yes.

  19. IceCraft Gaming Says:

    What i use with sand: make glass, make mugs, drink ale, act drunk in front
    of my friends

  20. noobtube887 Says:


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