Tekkit: Episode 22 – Destruction Catalyst Fail! [Minecraft Mod]

Tekkit: Episode 22 - Destruction Catalyst Fail! [Minecraft Mod]If you enjoyed this video, please leave a LIKE :D Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Server: beastcraftserver.com Forum: forums.brenybeast.com Livestream www.twitch.tv Website: brenybeast.com Put “100k PARRRRTAAAY” in your comment, if you read the description!

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  1. JaredRoman Says:

    That sheep has been on that 1×1 block for like that last 2 e

  2. AskHow3984 Says:

    Your not an idiot breny, Your just special.

  3. MineMarioMaple Says:

    You are getting good at tekkit .. good job O.o

  4. seanthemoneyman1 Says:

    You should put the EMC value of each item under the butten Diamonds, Blocks of Diamonds, Dark Matter, Red matter.

  5. jason dodd Says:

    your new house should look very industrial like a factory and you can use it to set up a system which mines>macerates the ores>cooks the ores>makes blocks>stores in chests while you do nothing but watch. the factory could be an area where you focus entirely on machines and try to make/use all the machines in the game. I personally would enjoy this as currently your tekkit world focuses mainly on magic/equivelent exchange. :)

  6. blalighga Says:

    Lol sorry @BrenyBeast you should make a dollar coaster that spells out Breny Beast or 100k or somthing like that! :)

  7. chickencast1 Says:

    Run through the city of melbourne, while yelling out your name. Ohh yeh and tell us when you are going to do it

  8. CRAZYJOE567 Says:

    an industrial estate!

  9. AskHow3984 Says:

    do a gaming setup video for 100 k and a vlog

  10. Charlie van Ooran Says:

    3L milk challenge

  11. ribal kankouch Says:


  12. 64halloween Says:

    Do a 100k tekkit live stream and also build a wiserds tower for you next house

  13. jackostr77 Says:

    Breny build a giant tree house for your next house!!

  14. garface111 Says:

    Underwater fortress

  15. ElectroShockHD Says:

    Make a giant toe for your house.

  16. gilgges Says:

    Check out JnJsBackyardsBrawls there From Brisbane SUBSCRIBE so they upload more videos faster !!!!!!!!

  17. JaredRoman Says:


  18. r0b01231 Says:


  19. ceji3 Says:

    A huge mansion w/ different materials or an almost indestructable lair or hous

  20. blalighga Says:


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