Tales of Time – Minecraft Animation Trailer

Tales of Time - Minecraft Animation TrailerTales of Time – Minecraft Animation Trailer Check out the full episode here: http://goo.gl/NTleAh Hope you like this animation, please do check out the full episode and leave some nice feedback…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 5th, 2015

20 Responses to “Tales of Time – Minecraft Animation Trailer”

  1. Keralis Says:

    Oh common! Stop saying I look old! Sad Panda! I haven’t slept much the last
    few days due to someone waking up in the middle of the night and being
    all….wazzzzzup?! So therefor the face….is tired. :p

  2. NinjaCraft 2804 Says:

    When Is Cities Skylines Coming Out? And This Looks Amaaazing

  3. Marques Rodriguez Says:

    Any City Skylines Tonight?

    P.S. May The Fourth Be With You!!

  4. Muhammad Ilman Nafi'an Says:

    You looked derpy. You tired?

  5. Riki A Says:

    i don’t get it

  6. D Teodorini Says:

    Hooolyy molyy he DOES have one eye bigger than the other!!!

  7. MH d'J Says:

    E do nada um comentário em português.

  8. Felix Griffin Says:

    Could you do a setup tour? That would be prettyyyy koo 

  9. Dylansgames Says:

    Woah…. I was expecting something different when I imagined ur face, u
    look AWESOME

  10. LrdZye Says:

    Keralis where’s your hair? XD You never show it to us!

  11. Edvinas Baranauskas Says:

    +Keralis When you build stuff for them (i think u build everything because
    you are an amazing builder) at the same time you can make a lets build
    video or time laps video. So in 1 time you will fo 2 jobs. :)

  12. Keralis Says:

    Hope you like this animation, please do check out the full episode and
    leave some nice feedback for the talented creators. They hope to get an
    episode up each month so every feedback will improve the upcoming episodes.
    Stay awesome!

  13. Kartier Alejandro Aaron Says:

    Looks nice but man keralis you look damn old! Ha! Just kidding your good xD

  14. Flavius Carcanus Says:

    vebbene quindi?….

  15. Edgar Cabrera Says:

    #Help KYRsp33dy .. hes trying to build a modern house… he sucks at it,
    please help lol

  16. Peteboy2000 Says:

    Hi from mobile

  17. Isaac Fellows Says:

    So basically another show, just like Dig Build Live, that may fail because
    it’s too much work?

  18. Connor Kendrigan Says:

    Where can I get that Xbox sign that lights up? I really want it

  19. Keralis Says:

    Tales of Time – Minecraft Animation Trailer

  20. Holoto Siri Says:

    Cuute voice :o

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