Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Video update #2 (Stress-tests | Showcase)

Survive the Nights - Pre-Alpha Video update #2 (Stress-tests | Showcase)Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Video Update #2 (Stress-tests | Showcase). A short video just to update everyone on a few points : updated terrain, game features (slowly being added again) and…

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  1. Luka Kovacevic Says:

    great work guys, me and my team use to play some dayz, there’s around ten
    of us, so can u tell me where can i buy this game or how ?

  2. hetmonster2 Says:

    where can you buy the game

  3. alphons long Says:

    j’attends vraiment de ce jeu,j’ai pratiquement tous jeux sortis en
    Alpha,depuis quelques temps,aucun d’eux pour l’instant ne m’a vraiment
    Tous ont de bonnes idées,mais ne sont pas assez poussés,je m’y ennuie après
    quelques heures de jeu!!
    Beaucoup trop de PVP,pas assez de SURVIE!!!
    DAYZ est sur le papier,celui qui pourrait être le plus prometteur,mais pour
    l’instant que sur le papier!!
    Je veux un vrai jeu de survie,qui a de vrais mécanismes de survie.
    Un jeu qui se veux très réaliste.

    I really wait from this game, I have in practice any games taken out in
    Alpha, for some time, none of them at the moment really persuaded me.
    All have good ideas, but are not pushed enough, I get bored after some
    hours of game there!!
    Far too much of PVP, not enough SURVIVAL!!!
    DAYZ is on paper, the one who could be the most promising, but at the
    moment that on paper!!
    I want a true game of survival, with true mechanisms of survival.
    A game which want very realistic.
    I’m sorry for my english.

  4. Modem Haxes Says:

    This game is looking wonderful. Keep working on it. :)

  5. a2z(Interactive); Says:

    Thanks for the comments and likes guys! Please come join us on our forums
    to share your suggestions and ideas!

  6. Robert Presti Says:

    some actual game play would of been nice. maybe shoot or kill something i
    still have not seen what a”zombie” looks like in this game yet

  7. SargetheGamer Says:

    dunno if it was a glitch but the jumping seemed way too high

  8. Rick Hunter Says:

    Well I will throw my 2 cents in on this, First of all love the new look on
    Unity 5. Secondly if the stress test has no zombies in it, what can we
    expect to be doing to stress test it? Will this be mainly about using the
    items available to us at the time of the test? or more about exploration of
    the environment and looking for problems there, as in malfunctioning doors
    or terrain problems?

  9. TheDickChappy97 Says:

    Not trying to be to nit-picky, but I think that the hand while holding
    things could be moved to the right a little bit so its not obstructing your
    view especially with the flash light. Again sorry for the nit-pick

  10. paulsoaresjr Says:

    So this is Unity 5 or still on 4? 60 frames recording before optimizations
    seems quite nice! Looking forward to it

  11. a2z(Interactive); Says:
  12. esmokebaby Says:

    Sweet looks like this will be mmo of the year when done cant wait..well i
    can cause i want somthing thats good hopfuly the system you made keeps pvp
    at a low cause i would love a game with low pvp so people can realise the
    need for people working together in a real apocalypse not aginst eachother.

  13. Drewbien93 Says:

    No third person shit pls :3 I hate when people are using it to peek around
    corners and such without exposeing themselves.
    Also great graphics, the forest looks awesome.

  14. Robert Presti Says:

    really hope this is better than h1z1 please add anti cheat before anything
    else or the game is screwed before it launches

  15. Penseur Sauvage Says:


    I just hope those houses will have lockable doors and glasses, so we’ll
    have to try to open then and not just walk in like that, that’ll force the
    player to find ways to unlock the doors, check if any windows are left
    open or unlock, force the door or break a window if the whole house is
    locked, and therefore making noise and attracting zombies :P

    Maybe even random barricaded houses that’ll require adaptated tools or
    skills to break in :) That could be awesome.

    Keep up the great work, you really are not decieving your backer’s trust! I
    can’t wait to try it!

  16. Toxic Maniac Says:

    I paid to play the stress test in February, then i heard it came out in
    March, and now you don’t even know when! Sorry you are doing great work and
    tahts why im mad because its such a freaking cool game and i cant wait!
    Jesus Mary and Joseph :P

  17. Commando110 Says:

    This is truly impressive, looks WAY better than your initial videos with
    unity4, good choice in upgrading to 5. Two questions out of curiosity,
    compared to your first gameplay video, will everything you interact with
    have its own animation instead of just an action and response and will we
    be able to maybe later be able to put up chainlink fences and possible
    electrify them at our more permanent safehouses?

  18. feuerhirn Says:

    Looking good, really. Having great hopes for your game and it’s nice to see
    how much effort you put into many details etc. Really nice work so far,
    can’t wait to play it myself for the first time (:

  19. Snowbound Husky Says:

    i think third person would be nice

  20. xByNovaaHD Says:

    Axe is too centered, would look better more to the right IMO

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