Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Video update #1 (Menus | Unity 5)

Survive the Nights - Pre-Alpha Video update #1 (Menus | Unity 5)Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Video Update #1 (Menus | Unity 5). A short video just to update everyone on a few points. Our menu system, we’re keeping them single windowed and super clean….

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20 Responses to “Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Video update #1 (Menus | Unity 5)”

  1. Travis InCanada Says:

    Looks nice, making the transition to Unity 5 now was a smart move. It will
    definitely help with future development. Once thing I would like to stress,
    having played ALL of these survival / crafting / zombie related games is to
    focus on objectives. All these games tend to lack the same thing and that
    is the lack of content or objectives AFTER you get a solid base and plenty
    of supplies. Please do not underestimate the player and remember they will
    have the game mastered in the first week. On going content and objectives
    are going to be key to sustaining the players interest. Relying on just the
    survival element and pvp is not enough. Thanks for reading this and I look
    forward to stress testing in February.

  2. TheSpongeyFrog Says:

    Smallest Web cam in the world lol

  3. Acemcbean Piff Says:

    Speaking for most of the community here, but February can’t come soon
    enough. I hope to put many hours into the game, and I would love to see how
    far the game will come.

  4. TreeSlayer Says:

    Really Really awesome stuff, looking forward for new stuff and also the
    backer demo :)
    And just ignore ppl like “Charlie Mopps” who talk shit like this, he has no
    clue about developing, just take your time to bring us an epic game :)

  5. Jeremy Rhoads Says:

    Just one major concern;
    Will there be a singleplayer?

    Singleplayer will most likely be my primary mode…

  6. Dead Money Says:

    Will this game have any single player aspect where you can just play on
    your own?

  7. Laserwisp Says:

    When will the public get access to the whole game?

  8. ResveZ213 Says:

    a2z, the menus look amazing and the new graphics seem very cool. I’m really
    looking forward to see how the player characters move and look like!
    As backer for this project I’m really happy that you chose to change your
    engine but I must say I am worried as working with a new engine with such a
    small team may hurt the final product.
    Thanks a2z!

    For all of you blaming and flaming as a rip-off and the ones shouting back
    why don’t you sit-back?
    Shut up and see the final product, launching date, whatever. Don’t blame
    these Developers for the mistake of others.
    At the end, someone is going to be right, until then go bet in a casino.

  9. CommanderFillmore Says:

    well this looks quite good so please don’t rip us off this is the first
    game I have ever backed so please deliver on this awesome game

  10. Michael Hall Says:

    I remember messaging them when they had the first gameplay video and saying
    “I must say I’m impressed. The gameplay looks fabulous even though the game
    doesn’t look visually stunning.” I got a response along the lines of
    “Thanks for your response . We agree gameplay over graphics.” Remember that
    a2z mechanics need to be just as fabulous as before. 

  11. Panjno Says:

    Looking sweet guys, Keep up the awesome work! – Please do more of these
    update videos :)

  12. tredbobek Says:

    I like what you said about being able to run the game on many kind of spec.
    My laptop isn’t that strong, and nowadays I always have to go into the
    game’s files to tweak the graphics a little more (I mean turn off stuff and
    lower stuff. Stuff). I hope you will allow the players to set the graphics
    to a ridiculously low setting (without giving players an advantage over
    others. Like you know, objects not loading in from a distance so you can
    see others. It’s hard I know).

    Keep up the good work.

    (“Not everybody has a high-end gaming rig, myself included” – runs the game
    at 1440p on high :D)

  13. RazzerG Says:

    If the optimization is good here it can replace pretty much every survival
    game out there. I trust in the developers they are not greedy for money
    like some :P
    I just don’t like the look of the inventory, that inventory book simply
    does not fit in with overall graphics. Just my opinion.

  14. PlatinumGamer Says:

    I actually hoped the graphics was going to be they way they were in the
    early videos. I love when games look simple rather than super realistic.
    But I guess that most people are not like me, and want the best possible
    graphics. Im still excited for the game, but not as much, as I see that it
    will not have that cool graphics style, but DayZ/Skyrim graphics.

  15. Matheus Augusto Says:

    I can create my own server (Lan Server)?

  16. Buffy Clouds Says:

    Just wondering a2z, how goodly will this game be optimized?
    My laptop isint the best and basicly runs todays games on the lowest,
    ofc lags in some still.

  17. greenbannanna123 Says:

    I say just wait til game is finished and release the whole game. :P Too
    many people just get piles of cash from beta’s then get lazy and never
    finish the game. The game has lots of potential like many other games did.

  18. MasterB2856 Says:

    Anyone know what day in February this will be released? I pre-ordered this,
    and I cannot wait!

  19. a2z(Interactive); Says:
  20. moleogod Says:

    just read the email and seen this footage. by odins beard its beautiful

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