Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Concept Part 2 (vehicles | enemies)

Survive the Nights - Pre-Alpha Concept Part 2 (vehicles | enemies)Website – Steam – Facebook – “survive the nights” at…

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15 Responses to “Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Concept Part 2 (vehicles | enemies)”

  1. Genarele Says:

    How much will it cost and when will it come out? I WANT IT SO BADLY!

  2. austin olds Says:

    How long is the night/day cycle going to be?[in minutes]

  3. GeminiAtack Says:

    it looks great :D make it with a co-op module and a multiplayer one , this
    game deserves to be played with friends and with totally strangers too :D i
    cant wait when it comes up , keep up the good work , good luck 

  4. Cameron Cook Says:

    some off my friends are trying to make a game. Do you have a tips? Also,
    what software are you using for a lot of the work (models, textures,
    terrain, game). Thanks and it is looking great!

  5. Emil Skogli Says:

    Niiice keep up the good work

  6. Hotbusterer Says:

    Wow, looks even better than the first concept video!
    But one question: Will the multiplayer be more coop or will it be like
    DayZ, with many people on one server and you can choose if you want to play
    friendly or not?

  7. Emil Skogli Says:

    Niiice keep up the good work

  8. Pieforce3 Says:

    Wow, this made the game look 10x cooler.

  9. Blucky™ Says:

    Looking really good guys. Just one question is it going to be if you have
    more lights and generators the more zombies it will attract or something
    else? Anyways looking really good, keep up the great work :D

  10. austin olds Says:

    No offence but you guys are terrible drivers XD

  11. champion1262 Says:

    I hope that the zombie noises aren’t a definite thing they were terrible
    but the building and traps were pretty cool and I love the zombie
    animations and gun animations.

  12. SgtRedPhoenix Says:

    Looks Amazing guys!

  13. Branden Weber Says:


  14. Jack Lead Says:

    Approx. release date? 

  15. StudioBlueTeam Says:

    is there a release date set yet? or a way to get alpha access early? I
    would love to play or test this some day!.

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