Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Concept Part 1 (mechanics | game features)

Survive the Nights - Pre-Alpha Concept Part 1 (mechanics | game features)Website - Steam – Facebook – “survive the nights”…

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Filed under minecrafta2z : Comments (10) : Apr 30th, 2014

10 Responses to “Survive the Nights – Pre-Alpha Concept Part 1 (mechanics | game features)”

  1. Pieforce3 Says:

    Woah. Nice, can’t wait for it to come out.

  2. K1llos Says:

    So THAT was what you were doing all this time :O It’s a very nice idea and
    a good work in my opinion ^^ But I don’t know if I can forgive you for not
    making the part 2 of Notchzilla è_é

    PS : Just kidding, continue like that :p

  3. Hotbusterer Says:

    I subscribed this channel because I thought you would make minecraft
    videos, but now this… I am very impressed :)
    Keep up the work, looks pretty good right now. Only the Inventory and Info
    screens could be a bit clearer…

  4. EqualLAD Says:

    looks very good! cant wait till its released:p

  5. decca999 . Says:

    Joe and jay you have done some brilliant work here guys, give me a message
    on Facebook if you need any help testing ;)

  6. Kimberly Wall Says:

    Nice job guys!

  7. a2z(Interactive); Says:
  8. TheGreatHohenheim Says:

    Man, this came out great. The crafting is incredible.

  9. DFCDESU Says:

    What engine is this running on?

  10. spawnnoyrenkjn Says:

    wow awesome looks quite good I keep my eye on this

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