Survive the Nights on Kickstarter, Help us get funded!

Survive the Nights on Kickstarter, Help us get funded!Survive the Nights has been Greenlit!We have just launched on Kickstarter! Please help us get funded.

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20 Responses to “Survive the Nights on Kickstarter, Help us get funded!”

  1. DerpHerpGaming816 Says:

    Well that didn’t take long you guys are already at $94

  2. Ricardo Sanchez Sanchez Says:

    i really want to help this game but i already got dissapointed with 3 early
    access games, thats why i will wait until full release to see if its worth
    it, its a good concept about the mental state i think thats what other
    survival mmos needed.

  3. Ban Says:

    Bought 2x alpha pack, can’t wait :D *(February is so far away)*

  4. Wbfuhn Says:

    Killing other players too frequently is a punishment, that is a first. And
    I like it.

  5. DerpHerpGaming816 Says:

    Oh yes

  6. SuperJonnyMario Says:

    Reminds me of DayZ…

  7. nicolau maquiavel Says:

    Make dev blogs

  8. Costa Sergio Says:

    Will this be ported to console ps4 or xbone?

  9. WARF3RE Says:

    sigh another free roam zombie game, sorry but right now h1z1 is whats up,

  10. thataussieguy23 Says:

    30 days to get 12k.
    i would have put it a bit longer but thats just me.
    i mean this game has got some hype behind it,but maybe not 12k in 30 days
    regardless,next week when i get payed i’ll back $250/£145.
    hopefully it gets the funds.

  11. Brenden Shenouski Says:

    Game looks amazing so far, keep up the good work.

  12. Joshieballz Says:

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  13. IloveDAGAMEZ Says:

    what is the point of another game studio trying to compete with dayz and
    h1z1, Sony is a big company and they are guna polish the game to a tea, u
    really need something really really unique about your game or its not worth
    its u’ll get over shrouded by dayz and h1z1 dont wanna put a downer on your
    development but id stop now or get something really differen’t in there…

  14. SwiftGunZ Says:

    I think the key point about this concept should be the pure brutality of
    what survival actually means in a post-apocalyptic world. From what I’ve
    seen, the interactions with the world translate basic human survival, heat,
    shelter and food. You guys have learnt from previous titles mistakes about
    what works and what does not. You can tell just from the videos about the
    sheer potential of this being so much more. I just hope you get the funding
    you need.
    You guys have got my vote, and a chunk of my bank account. 

  15. oi Liber Says:

    Hi Guys!It would be really nice if I can “safe” hause in the game and make
    something like my own base.Then enemies can go in only destroying the walls
    or something.I’ll help you the soonest as I have some money :D

  16. ZereFTW Says:

    If i donate to get the alpha and so on, when will the alpha start? Like
    when will i get my hands on this game?

  17. ~Oxy Turmoil~ Says:

    I’m supporting this game full out, I’ll gladly help fund this ;)

  18. a2z(Interactive); Says:

    We’re live on Kickstarter. Help us get funded,

  19. DerpHerpGaming816 Says:

    I can honestly see this being better than DayZ already considering the fact
    in my own opinion DayZ is a pile of shit but this looks awesome

  20. everythinggames Says:

    I’m going to back this as soon as I get paid. It looks really good :) 

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