Step by Step Tutorial on Building a Chunk Reloading Proof, Hopper Pipeline Item Sorting Machine

Step by Step Tutorial on Building a Chunk Reloading Proof, Hopper Pipeline Item Sorting MachineUsing the fact that hopper behavior stays consistent when reloading chunks, I attempt to make an unbreakable item sorting machine using hopper pipelines. World save: Find more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict:

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  1. Trevor Langas Says:

    Each time you open a traped chest, i wonder if you will have the chest open long enough to cause the comparitor to output 3 and break your system.
    That aside great work on the research.

  2. djsh4h Says:

    I didn’t know hoppers had a bug like that! Well you fixed it as soon as I saw it :-) Great workaround

  3. Nopye Pe Says:

    You’re waaaay to unkknown for youre awesome videos and tuts! I just came from Sethbling but I subscribed this one too.

  4. tr7zw Says:


  5. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Make sure you reload the world after placing the hoppers. Then delete the rows that don’t work and add more at the end until you have enough working rows.

  6. Edviuzzz Says:

    Chunk realoding proof redstone clock for testfor command :/ ?

  7. TheMr3AD Says:

    – Wait for Mojang to fix the game?
    – That is looser way. I’ll do workaround, it will last 5 days, and now i’m king of the ladder.
    – Ok…

  8. madosBC Says:

    Oh no. You should not moved the comparators 1 block down. They create a different pattern there.

  9. Edviuzzz Says:

    and for soundless? :D

  10. lopezzops Says:

    Thanks for replying, i have reloaded the world after placing the hoppers, it seams to sort out the first 2 hoppers but when the come to the third the item either gets stuck or travels to the spare chest at the end. i think i might try to rebuild this is on a new world.

  11. hippie slacker Says:

    My guess is this will change again in the next snapshot, but dont let that deter you man, keep up the good work

  12. ihavethepower321 Says:

    Just wondering, what is the mic you use for your videos?

  13. Minecraftaddict Says:

    I’m pretty sure now it’s the hoppers in the pipeline above that are important in determining if they are “broken” or not. So having the comparators above determines the “working” hoppers. Then moving the comparators down changes their function to determining when a item is pulled down so it can unlock the third row of hoppers. Not sure if that all makes sense…

  14. jakob1410 Says:

    Use a minecart.

  15. ellisg12 Says:

    Eighth! :P
    Another great video, MCA; glad you’re making more videos!

  16. Teridus Says:

    boat clock /dispenser clock /good old 5 clock (just torches, they will update after a while)
    I would recommend the boat clock (either with water or just a piston and cobweb)

  17. madosBC Says:

    Yes, that makes sense. After thinking about it think you are right.

  18. felixthefox100 Says:

    18 views , 5 comments

  19. lopezzops Says:

    i have built this how you have but it still would not sort all the items. it seams to skip the hoppers that do work. would you be able to help at all?

  20. nowymail Says:

    The behaviour of hoppers probably will change several times before 1.5 update.

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