RP’s First Ever Let’s Play: 9 – Where I die…

RP's First Ever Let's Play: 9 - Where I die...Our adventures continue in this episode when we go in search of nether wart to start creating potions… and die. :(

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  1. Robert Miller Says:

    LOL You can kind of hear it when it is in slow motion. I actually experienced´╗┐ the reaction of falling when it happened. After it stopped, I pretty much rage quit, sat and stared and the screen and then told Minecraft I was going to teach it a lesson. LOL I crafted new weapons and armor and went on a killing spree in the desert. LOL Felt much better after that. As for the eggs, I’ll be using them in a lot of ways, but the primary use is “portable chickens” when needed.

  2. THEhugmyknife Says:

    Oh man i wish i could’ve heard your reaction when you died! Liked the video a lot! Also, when are you gonna use those eggs´╗┐ in that chest?! There’s so many!

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