Round 3: Red3yz vs Sl1pg8r – Hermitcraft ABBA Caving Tournament – Minecraft

Round 3: Red3yz vs Sl1pg8r - Hermitcraft ABBA Caving Tournament - MinecraftMe and Sl1pg8r compete in the third round of the Hermitcraft ABBA Caving Tournament! â–‹ Sl1pg8r’s point of view:–bQ â–‹ …

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (20) : Feb 16th, 2014

20 Responses to “Round 3: Red3yz vs Sl1pg8r – Hermitcraft ABBA Caving Tournament – Minecraft”

  1. birawaich Says:

    Other Guys are watching Sochi, I’m watching Hermitcraft :D

  2. birawaich Says:

    08:38 Those diamonds!

  3. mwolf_pl Says:

    Hey Red3yz please make more videos if you have time :-)

  4. Chris James Says:

    red3yz the coolest member of hermitcraft pls make more vids

  5. MadsJKnudsen Says:

    Great game Red, sad you didn´t win! You did really good :-) But can´t wait
    for an episode from you again.

  6. Rambory4516 Says:

    Gee Gee

  7. MrBim1234 Says:

    damn i was really confident for you with 14 diamonds, congratulations to
    sl1p. good game tho :)

  8. Chad Dean Says:

    Slip wins

  9. Fennoman Says:

    Since ducks are hatched from eggs, I don’t think they produce milk. Also,
    great to see some (semi)-regular uploads from you! 

  10. Vainlesh Sunray Says:

    red3yz, i love you’re vids :) and i hope that you’re playing singleplayer
    again :D

  11. master paine Says:


  12. Emanuel Walan Says:


  13. XaverJu Says:


  14. James Nitrox Says:

    Sorry to see your out red :-( your score was high, it would of won most of
    the abba rounds, just not this time. Slip just had a mad score.

  15. six9smoke Says:

    Time to watch Slips POV. To see how he got all that gold.

  16. Hypno Says:

    Wow, that was really close! So good! :D

  17. Robbie Graham Says:

    I sub! Great vid!

  18. sl1pg8r Says:

    Good luck to you dude! Thumbs up! :) 

  19. Mad Ness Says:

    DUUUUUDE you were so lucky man. But still lost … damn. Good game though.

  20. red3yz Says:

    Me and Sl1pg8r go head to head in the abba caving tournamentl to determine
    who will progress to the final round!!

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