Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 2)

Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 2)Welcome to the Finale of Episode 1 of REDSTONE WARS, the head-to-head themed design competition! As you recall from the last video, GenerikB ( and I were struggling to make our inventions work within the hour timeframe. Only 30 minutes are left… can we turn it around? Watch the video to find out! Check out GenerikB’s video of the Finale here – PS: thanks for letting me steal your description again GB; you little girl :D

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20 Responses to “Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 2)”

  1. Cool12309FromRoblox Says:


  2. DylC97 Says:

    @roboticaust This video was really cool. You did some awesome stuff under pressure in an hour. Screw the critics. This was a great vid, you has a new sub.

  3. mormengil Says:

    Doing things under pressure (ie “live”) is a totally different thing than doing them on your own time, isn’t it. Good job man :]

  4. roboticaust Says:

    That’s what I was going for but it looked funny without it opening exactly when it should’ve. I did a test later on and saw it could keep up with a cart just dandy but fraps was causing it to look like it couldn’t.

  5. IronInforcersecond Says:

    Ohh, that was a pole? I thought it was a thick line.

  6. roboticaust Says:

    Doing it after working 16 hours on 3 hours of sleep while being sick is totally different than just playing the game at my pace too ;p  Also, he prepped, I had no idea what we were doing until 15 minutes beforehand. But yeah, it was definitely different.

  7. weafnoob Says:

    @roboticaust oh.. sry dint read all of that.. thought was replying to another question ahah ;\… PS.

  8. weafnoob Says:

    @roboticaust Dude.. even if he dont find the glitches/stuff its like a showcase right? doesnt means if u show case a mods its urs right? =__= dude. u need to stop raging

  9. lestatv3 Says:

    Great work! :D

  10. TimoGaming Says:

    they should teach us redstone physics in school instead of math.

  11. defianceunstable Says:

    you didnt need to turn the minecart track like that it was just a little lagg that made it seem like there was to much delay but you were fine it would of been cooler too becasue it would open right in front of your face

  12. roboticaust Says:

    A) Most of those cool little “finds” of his aren’t found by him, but rather the rest of the community who submits shit to him because he’s part of bukkit. He comes off as though it was his finds 90% of the time and that irritates the shit out of me. B) The only things of his I really appreciate is when he goes overboard to show off some new bug submitted to bukkit with some epic build. The epic builds are his only saving grace imo.

  13. Doodelidoody Says:

    @roboticaust Sethbling clearly mentions he didn’t come up with it himself and so does the guy linked by GenerikB. Neither of them linked to the original video. There might be some truth in what you say, but at least get your facts right instead of blind accusations.

    On topic: nice door! :)

  14. mormengil Says:

    @roboticaust don’t fret it though, you probably did a better job than I would do under my own ideal circumstances :P

  15. roboticaust Says:

    And if you watched GenerikB’s side of this, you will get an example of A. He clearly states he found that detector on someone else’s video and Sethbling recently made a video using it and does not say anyone else came up with it and makes it sound like he figured it out when he did not. He also did a piss poor job of explaining how it worked when you can clearly see the thing trigger exactly when particles passed through the pressure plate. No credit where credit is due.

  16. defianceunstable Says:

    @roboticaust exactly my thoughts.

  17. ichimurakun Says:

    Great show, wish there was a part at the end where each of you gets to try to other’s door. You showed us the process, but where’s the part where we see it work?

  18. roboticaust Says:

    I personally don’t care what you think. Point is, he built his fame off taking info/creations from others and claiming it as his own.

  19. roboticaust Says:

    That would require timing it out and I wasn’t in the mood for that

  20. mrasianiam Says:

    Roboticaust wouldnt it have worked better if it was just a pulse rather than a rsnor latch?

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