Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 1)

Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 1)Welcome to Part 1 of the first Episode of REDSTONE WARS, the head-to-head themed design competition! In this episode I go up against GenerikB ( in a knock down, drag out battle to see who can build the most EPIC DOORWAY!!! (Thanks to landondailygames for the theme!) Check out GenerikB’s CRAZY AWESOME take on an epic doorway here: ( And a special shout-out to our guest theme-picker Red3yz ( :) PS: thanks for letting me steal your description GB; you little girl :D

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Filed under roboticaust : Comments (20) : Feb 17th, 2012

20 Responses to “Redstone Wars Episode 1: GenerikB Versus Roboticaust (Part 1)”

  1. TheRammsteizer Says:

    In that case, you did good!

  2. blakedawg9 Says:

    Today is Saturday right?

  3. roboticaust Says:

    It isn’t hard. But at the time, I just felt like I pissed away too much time into a 30 minute build that should’ve taken 5 but I forgot the design. So I just didn’t want to spend anymore time on it. The tutorial version I will have up later on today when I get home from work and record it has the roof included and shows how stupidly easy it is to build.

  4. Shadekiller666 Says:

    at 20:00 its essentially a large BUD switch

  5. roboticaust Says:

    Yeah I know. I was running a fever, had worked 16 hours overnight and had 3 hours of sleep in me after having been up for some 40ish hours. Was in no mood to really play anything, but I stuck to it because I made a promise that I wanted to keep. Also didn’t really prep. GB spent all week researching and playing around, I spent 10 minutes while he made coffee before the match lol.

  6. acatera Says:

    I like both of your guys’ work, but I have to say, I think this one is yours! Good job mate! :)

  7. Generikb Says:

    @salgurdar haha I couldn’t help it…was hoping to throw him off his game ;-)

  8. Generikb Says:

    @acatera you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet! (from both of us…part 2 is where we really shine under pressure!)

  9. roboticaust Says:

    It’s being processed, so chillax ;)

  10. TheRammsteizer Says:

    Sorry to say this, but I facepalmed so hard, so many times during this video..

  11. Shadekiller666 Says:


  12. xXxRazor51xXx Says:

    i facepalmed so hard when genericb started wasting your time by screwing around with that wooden door prank xD

  13. WovenTales Says:

    I actually think that putting in the top row of the zipper would not be too difficult, if I have my redstone logic correct. Place a second piston above the one grabbing the block and redstone on top of the blocks powering those pistons (between the outer repeaters). That should send power to the upper piston following the same timing as the lower one, so the only thing you won’t have is pistons pushing something into your head—which is a good thing!

  14. red3yz Says:

    sweet, looking good so far :p

  15. WovenTales Says:

    I believe it. I was mainly putting that up there for anyone who was interested in replicating what you did, just in case you did not cover it in another video, for whatever reason. Good job, by the way! Even with the memory blanks you seem to be making something much better than what I would be able to come up with.

  16. Generikb Says:

    @scjoiner it would be an honor, privilege, and pleasure!

  17. scjoiner Says:

    Nice job, guys. I’d love to compete with you both ;)

  18. roboticaust Says:

    Well it’s not over yet. Part 2 Saturday ;) Also, recorded a tutorial on the actual device I had ready but goofed up on like 83525 times in this video. It’s a lot cooler with the ceiling included.

  19. roboticaust Says:

    How about along with us? ;)

  20. volnumer Says:

    Thats awesome Its so intense to watch!

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