Pixel Piracy - NEW & IMPROVED!! HUGE UPDATE!!Let’s play Pixel Piracy! This game has been massively overhauled and enhanced in so many ways! Let’s give it a quick look! Pixel Piracy on Steam: http://goo.gl/U8ZRLe â-» Subscribe for more!…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : Apr 24th, 2015

20 Responses to “Pixel Piracy – NEW & IMPROVED!! HUGE UPDATE!!”

  1. Wolf Man Says:

    do more episodes

  2. Dylan Coull Says:

    Everyone wants a series, make a series. 

  3. redstonenexus Says:

    He didn’t abandon the game?!

  4. 1wolffan Says:

    PAUL! I seriously hope you get this message!

    If you pause a little bit between each ‘throw’ you won’t kill the pets.
    If you click too soon, you go after with your melee weapon. You want to
    stick with only letting him use ranged. They seem to do it alright on their
    own, as long as you aren’t right next to the animal you want to catch.

    Also: Coleman should have totally been the cook. I mean… He’s got a whole
    line of wilderness/cook-stoves named after him, he’s so good. ;)

  5. Golden Freddy Funbear :P Says:

    Please play more!

  6. Pistol Fish Gaming Says:

    Hi I can’t wait

  7. thedom12 Says:

    PAUL .. what ever happened to pixelmon? :P

  8. LordDragox412 Says:

    If I remember right, you actually can micro-manage your crew by using the
    buttons that pop up next to the characters when you pause the game (the red
    square, if I remember right you drag it onto an enemy you want to attack,
    onto a place on the ground if you need that character to retreat/go to that
    place etc.) :P

  9. Michael Sousa Says:

    I like all your videos. U should definitely do more skyrim ones. 

  10. Ivan P Says:

    You should play terraria its a fun 2D minecraft with lots of bosses and

  11. David Freitas Says:

    I’m gonna get my hands on this! Starbound but as pirates basically! Awesome

  12. paulsoaresjr Says:
  13. Peter Jiang Says:

    PLEASE do a lets play on this!
    Also #under301club

  14. Pen HD Says:

    Pixel piracy is one piece in a nutshell

  15. Gavin Dominguez Says:

    Make a series

  16. demilogic Says:

    Great video! Thanks for covering it man.

  17. PHIJKCHU_Yarck Says:


    I’ll be waiting…

  18. xSuperFryx Says:

    Looks great, but why did they make clouds realistic?

  19. SxullPunch Says:

    75% off? SOLD!

  20. Theodore Bloyd Says:

    301st like in the 301+ club!

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