Pink Floyd – Breathe (Cover by Cayman Smith-Martin & Velveeta Underground)

Pink Floyd - Breathe (Cover by Cayman Smith-Martin & Velveeta Underground)Pink Floyd – Breathe (Cover by Cayman Smith-Martin & Velveeta Underground) Found this footage from my trip to Key West, Florida and I think this is a really awesome cover! Hope you enjoy it….

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 23rd, 2015

20 Responses to “Pink Floyd – Breathe (Cover by Cayman Smith-Martin & Velveeta Underground)”

  1. G-gamer Says:

    Pink floyd isn’t my music. It’s heavy metal! FUCK YEAH! \,,/, >_< ,\,,/

  2. Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant Says:

    Nice, love southern music, can’t stand southern people xD Well some of

  3. Mailoa Johnny Says:

    Hate it :(

  4. Hannes Hertach Says:

    I was NOT expecting this on your channel, but you liking Pink Floyd makes
    you 100x more awesome than you were already.

  5. Keralis Says:

    Awesome Pink Floyd – Breathe cover I recorded in Key West. 

  6. xisumavoid Says:

    Such a beautiful song :-) Now i want to listen to Darkside Of The Moon

  7. kimbonzky Says:

    Thats great!!! Hoping to see ETS2 vids again soon

  8. Digger John Says:

    I always loved your video. But Floyd too? Welcome to the “I will watch and
    like EVERYTHING this man posts” list. Just awesome, K!

  9. Jack Williams Says:

    First Like! I never do this. :D

  10. Dan Robards Says:

    Excellent cover!

    Is that a Banjo Double Bass?

  11. Sully -MarcoReus11- Says:

    Dark Side Of The Moon<3 love Pink Floyd<3

  12. Lunar Craft Says:

    Does the guy on the left remind anyone else of Marshall from HIMYM

  13. Fraser Gough Says:

    Which wan is hee?

  14. robbafett Says:

    Velveeta Underground. Very clever.

  15. Keralis Says:

    I found this when looking at my footage from our trip to Florida, I love
    Pink Floyd and I thought I share this amazing cover with you guys! Hope you
    all enjoy. <3

  16. Beljuhaus Klaufi Says:

    How amazing, I’ve also played this song with my band and this is just
    fantastic. Never knew you liked Pink Floyd, today I learned :)

  17. lex lathur Says:


  18. ikbinhans Says:

    I was kind of a sad panda because you weren’t one of them performing.

  19. icaro arrigoni Says:

    I’m crying right now, never knew keralis liked Floyd…

  20. vladandrei09 Says:

    Ur a legend
    Do more stuff like this I love them

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