More Tic-Tac-Toe Prebuild Fun

More Tic-Tac-Toe Prebuild FunA simple reply to all the feedback. Includes a few more tests using the corner instead of the center, as well as a few sample displays for when I go full scale. Let me know which you like. Do note, it won’t be in bright ass wool colors on the final product ;p Donate:

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Filed under roboticaust : Comments (20) : Feb 17th, 2012

20 Responses to “More Tic-Tac-Toe Prebuild Fun”

  1. masterdermeanner Says:



    its impossible unless one of the player (or both) are dumb

    its pointless, face it, tic tac toe is for elementary kids.

    if u loose in tic tac toe u proof that u arent smart

  2. roboticaust Says:

    All the more reason to make an impossible to beat npc.

  3. MossOwnsYou Says:

    I’m digging the smaller scheme Mr. Roboto. I like the color schemes you tossed out there too. The only thing is that you said you’d have “one block between them.” Did that mean from the O itself, or are you saying it would be three blocks between them?

  4. roboticaust Says:

    He meant abusing the npcs within game or something made out of redstone. I actually have a few ideas for including testificates though ;p

  5. roboticaust Says:

    I can only hope ;)

  6. roboticaust Says:

    Yeah I noticed some of that after I recorded and said the hell with it and uploaded anyways. I’m actually going to jot down a logic table pretty soon for starting at a corner, side and center to determine best possible outcomes. That way I can program my npc to both go after those outcomes if it has the first move or to avoid those outcomes if the player has it instead. The first video was just for my sanity, this was more to say thanks and to show display mockups.

  7. TaKKun1123 Says:

    I like the smaller board. What blocks are you planning on?

  8. h4103933k Says:

    @masterdermeanner Says the one with elementary spelling skills, Also who makes fun of a game that even fifty year old’s play? Oh that is right a mad elementary child.

  9. roboticaust Says:

    The design already has 1 around the digits, so it just needs an additional spacer to keep the lines from crossing. So the display will have 3 blocks between any pushed out segments. Actually looks surprisingly good with the small displays.

  10. roboticaust Says:

    Well it’s more of a challenge build since it’s more complicated to pull off. I want to do it to say I did it. Plus I wouldn’t be lying when I say I built an intelligent npc in minecraft. But for enjoyment factor, I will be adding easier difficulties to it. And I will also have a way to deal with ties.

  11. albinrhinnooable Says:

    small :)

  12. Ulven10WS Says:

    You are wrong about two things in this video. 1:25 you say that, no matter what block the opponent choose in that condition, the npc can make a double win condition. If the opponent picks one of the centre blocks on the side the npc is forced to block the opponent and it goes into a tie. 2 You say at 1:54: the only way the game will turn into a tie is if the opponent picks a centre side block. But the npc will win by picking a corner. The opponent needs to block, NPC makes 2xwincondition.

  13. MossOwnsYou Says:

    @roboticaust I look forward to seeing this go up. =]

  14. QiwWasHere Says:

    Cool idea! I think that the large display with the small X’s works best.

  15. BradyhahaPSN Says:

    The bigger board with the bigger X would look better in my opinion.

  16. denEtwasAnderen Says:

    Hm i like the bigger one ^^ but anyway thanks for the video. I’m always enjoying them :D

  17. LeviJones9000 Says:

    @masterdermeanner The irony of your poor spelling and grammar, it is delicious.

  18. roboticaust Says:

    I hate mob spawners and refuse to work with them.

  19. karlisgross Says:

    one kind of boring thing is that its impossible to win a proper tictactoe npc, but also you can loose only if you’re not really concentrating in the game, so it’ll be tie.

  20. roboticaust Says:

    A lava version of the display for my calculator since this doesn’t require quick changes to the displayed data, plus it’ll look cooler. Obsidian lined, lapis to show off the actual tic-tac-toe board portion. Still deciding what the x and o colors should be, but I definitely need something that won’t burst into flames.

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