Mob Drop Sorter & Dispenser | Minecraft Hermitcraft #26

Mob Drop Sorter & Dispenser | Minecraft Hermitcraft #26Today on Minecraft Hermitcraft Amplified, I’ll build a mob drop sorter & dispensing system (mob drops on demand) on Monkey Island. Enjoy! Alos, check out ImpulseSV’s sorting tutorial: https://www…

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20 Responses to “Mob Drop Sorter & Dispenser | Minecraft Hermitcraft #26”

  1. Pamtar Says:

    Hope your day is great! You are the first person I started watching when I
    got into minecraft. I love videos, they are amazing!

  2. Will Mumford Says:

    When you said the co-ords were 11:36. The time for me was 11:35. -_-

  3. Christopher Peacock Says:

    I’m giggling a little, saying “He’s making a MonkeyFarm killer with that
    dispenser. It’ll shoot arrows at you, instead of dropping them on his
    head.” to my wife

  4. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:

    Hi Everybody! Have a good day. And show some luv!

  5. Mega MackeO™ Says:

    You never bore me, you always have exciting videos that make my day and
    that I love to watch. I tell everyone about you on a server I’m in and even
    in school. It may not be allot but everyone Now knows who I go to for
    Minecraft videos

  6. Sevith Says:

    You’re amazing Monkeyfarm!!!

  7. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  8. mrshyboi1 Says:

    it was because of this creative mode stuff.. it not the same as survival

  9. Nathan Edwards Says:

    Dude you are my favorite Minecraft youtuber and it would suck if you had to
    discontinue your videos so i’m gonna like as many of them as i can!

  10. Mega MackeO™ Says:

    Lol okay okay last comment . sorry for blowing up your notifications but
    won’t the arrows just shoot out instead of drop as an item?

  11. Jacob Davis Says:

    You’ve gotten substantially better over the years.

  12. GDswords Says:

    Stupid sub boxes.. If anything, your content is much better than it used to
    be. You deserve more views, more subs and more likes. You were the reason I
    started making videos in the first place. I applaud you, sir.

    On a more subtle note, what’s the project you’re launching in summer?

  13. Christa Cooper Says:

    Hang in there, youtube has made it harder to find and watch videos you want
    to see…..I go back and watch them all even if I miss them when they first
    come out……I love your videos. Please don’t give up making them! And
    for the record I like both worlds, hermitcraft and 4th world, stick with
    it. I have noticed players on minecraft to be way low recently as well, so
    something is up with the population, but don’t you leave us!

  14. C Bou Says:

    i will always watch your videos
    keep doing what you do

  15. Johnny Allnight Says:

    I came across your videos way back when you started world 2 … I’d not
    heard of minecraft before and it was your videos that got me interested. I
    bought the game and I’ve played it ever since … that’s hours and hours of
    building thanks to you . Keep up the videos man, don’t get disheartened …
    your building style is unique and every video teaches me something .

  16. drewnonstar Says:

    Ya, youtube has really taken a turn for the worse. I seldom comment, but
    every time I do it tries to make me use my real name and a Google+ account
    I regret ever signing up for. Been a long time watcher of your videos, and
    it’s been a bummer they have been less frequent as of late. Please, keep up
    the good work good sir! -Drewnonstar

  17. greymangames Says:

    Try doing something completely crazy with your base and see if it works.

    It usually does for me.

  18. Emrys Jay Says:

    great ep! :)

  19. Tango Tek Says:

    Looking good. Looking real good!

  20. SniperNinja-115 Says:

    This is awesome. I dropped a LIKE to help you out :)

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