Mini Metro Three Line Challenge (New York City)

Mini Metro Three Line Challenge (New York City)Mini Metro Playlist â-» This game is a lot of fun, minimalism and strategy unite for a simple to play game that …

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20 Responses to “Mini Metro Three Line Challenge (New York City)”

  1. Jared Howard Says:

    I wish you would quit saying this may be our last one, we all love it, so
    keep it up. We all want to see more. You get to have fun playing it, while
    we enjoy watching it. Just keep playing I till everyone is tired of it.

  2. cobibide Says:

    I think the problem was that your locomotives on red line all turned the
    same way around. So what happend is that there was never enough place to
    pick up everyone popping at the 4 successive circles.
    Now that i say this i realise that if they cant pick up everyone going one
    way, then they also cant pick up while going the other way… The solution
    would be to add a carriage on the red locomotive to increase the overall
    capacity ;)

  3. Kazusa Azumaya Says:

    Please do all of them!!!

  4. Iron Craft Says:

    you can use one line in each island and just use bridges for the special

    continue this game pls!
    like + fav gogogogo

  5. Mark Melamed Says:

    i love this series, but i think u should return to the normal game, and not
    hard-core , or any challenge.. just do the best u can every time

  6. TheFlash26 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this game on your channel! I bought it after watching
    your second mini metro video and I’m enjoying it a lot!

  7. deli qwerty Says:


  8. JMan Pepper Says:

    I got this when it first came out but it didn’t have interchanges what do
    they do

  9. Kokkie Monster 69 Says:

    You should play Mortal Kombat-X 

  10. xisumavoid Says:
  11. Kvothe15 Says:

    The memories that outro brought back…

  12. Brian Analikwu Says:

    This is the second game I’ve bought because of you, Factorio and Mini
    Metro are awesome!

  13. ollpu Says:

    Could you do one more episode on Scenic mode?

  14. nathan mcdonald Says:

    Minecraft MythBusting: Fishing tower vs Fishing table vs regular fishing

  15. fiona goodsite Says:

    Please play more 

  16. jsdsparky Says:

    You should probably definitely do all of the videos about this game.

  17. Wilson Says:

    Xisuma please, I realllyy want more of this :'(

  18. NoStyle11 Says:

    In the beginning you put all three trains in the same direction on the red
    line I think it would be a good idea to alternate the direction of the
    trains. For example: Imagine that you only have one square on the line if
    every train goes in the same direction than the passengers after the square
    station who wants to go to square has to travel the whole line before he
    can get of. Hope you understand what I mean. Btw I don’t have the game just
    a thought.

  19. Life In A Day Says:

    You should do a challenge series where in the comments you pick a challenge
    we suggest and you play it, so it could be use one line only. No bridges
    ect it would be a great series in my opinion. 

  20. Niklas Klinger Says:

    I love the series, please keep it up!

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