Mini Metro Berlin (Rush Hour)

Mini Metro Berlin (Rush Hour)Mini Metro Playlist â-» This game is a lot of fun, minimalism and strategy unite for a simple to play game that …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : Apr 18th, 2015

20 Responses to “Mini Metro Berlin (Rush Hour)”

  1. xisumavoid Says:

    Streaming Cities Skylines, and then some Hermitcraft FTB Infinity

  2. XxJackDjTomxX Says:

    MYTHBUSTIN : do leaves drop more apples/sepplings if they decay in
    minecraft or if you punch them ?

  3. MrCreativekitten Says:

    This is a really cool game!!

  4. Edvard Rølvaag Says:

    9:25 facepalm 

  5. Life In A Day Says:

    Quick question: if you play the same map do the stations pop up in the same
    area or is it random each time?

  6. I really enjoy eating kfc because its pretty tasty Says:


  7. xisumavoid Says:
  8. Campbell Fairs Says:

    I’m now addicted XD

  9. Jim van Drunen Says:

    niicee ;)

  10. Gregionis Says:

    i love this Lets play! Pls more!

  11. Craftyred Says:

    More Mini Metro!

  12. Forkont Aerialis Says:

    If you did some longer runs just using continue and timelapsed them it
    would be amazing. I know that it consumes time, which you have limited of,
    but still worth thinking about. I know that I’m not the only one who would
    love to see this happen.

  13. sZPeddy Says:

    I feel like if you have the choise inbetween a new carriage and a new line
    or tunnels most of the times taking the carriage is the better choise,
    because thats 6 more people that you can transport in the end, while the
    others dont add to the amount of people that you can transport

  14. Timmi 1 Says:

    when will be the weekend livestreams ?
    can i get like a timezone grid … or something ?
    i am not good at timezones

  15. Hans Wurst Says:

    I was hoping you’d choose Berlin (although it doesn’t really look like
    that). Have you ever been to Berlin, X?

  16. Wilson Says:


  17. Hunterishunted Says:

    I love these videos however there doesn’t seem to be that many likes so i
    think it will finish. I really do want it to continue though

  18. Michael kaster Says:

    omg i live this game so much PLEASE PLAY MORE ADBSKLAVDS:AS

  19. YellowShinyApple Says:

    Please make a series on this game is awesome!

  20. Gerstensaft Says:

    The title is so funny. The german infrastructure is broken -especially
    Berlin. And on the top – rush hour – LOL *breathiong hard*

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