Mini Metro Auckland

Mini Metro AucklandMini Metro Playlist â-» This game is a lot of fun, minimalism and strategy unite for a simple to play game that …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : Apr 27th, 2015

20 Responses to “Mini Metro Auckland”

  1. Dragos HDgAmInG Says:

    why mini metro?

  2. Forkont Aerialis Says:

    I feel that you underestimate the power of circles man, they really help
    keep things tight and smooth

  3. snart Says:

    This is really picky of me, but you may want to replace the comma in your
    description with a semicolon. Sorry.

  4. Ana Margarida Modesto Says:

    Man, this game is awesome!

  5. xisumavoid Says:
  6. Joshua Downs Says:

    It’s pronounced ork-land, which is ironic because it is in new zealand,
    where Lord of the Rings was filmed. I live in Auckland… just saying XD

  7. Endertricity Says:

    Hello YouTube! Who takes the top comment spot takes the universe. But, bad
    news everyone, ’cause guess who just came? Me! Ha! Except, you lot, you’re
    all commenting, it’s all really very distracting. Could you all stop for a
    minute because


    Now, the question for the hour is, who’s gonna get top comment? Answer, I
    will. Next question, who’s gonna take it from me?

    Come on, look at me! No plan, 2 subscribers (one is my brother) and no
    videos worth anything. Oh, and something else I don’t have, anything to
    lose! So, if you’re sitting right there at your silly little desk or couch
    or anything else, and you’ve got any plans on taking the top comment
    tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way! Remember every day for
    the rest of your life that I stopped you, and then, and then, do the smart

    Let somebody else try first.

  8. Legend Vintage Says:

    More! This game is supper chill and a great way to relax!

  9. Rory McDonald Says:

    Got to admit, I thought Auckland was in Australia *facepalm*.

  10. Toxic_Rex7 Gaming Says:

    Auckland is in New Zealand and keep this series! It’s amazing!

  11. Jacob H Says:

    Orc-land is in the northern area of New Zealand. It has approx. 1 million
    people and is the largest city in NZ. Also, it’s where the orcs live.

  12. Asher Butler Says:

    its orc-land. and its in New Nealand

  13. Jack Mccafferty Says:

    I live in Auckland it is in new zealand

  14. KPIBM Idkwtwhshast Says:

    Plz hong kong

  15. torbray00 Says:

    0:26 “Today, we’re going to play it in the regular difficulty and we’re
    going to play it in “Ock-land”. Now, I have no idea in the world that is…”

    OUCH! Right in the feels, Xisuma! New Zealand, man! D:

  16. Hadezz Says:

    Hey it’s my city :D

  17. MCmelonen Says:

    Why do you always say bridges when it’s actually tunnels. I mean the metros
    is underground.

  18. New channel Lukeha44HD go sub Says:

    Auckland is in New Zealand and Great Vid!

  19. xisumavoid Says:

    For future episodes i might just record me playing and then timelapse it if
    i get a good score, how would that sound? :-)

  20. OzcrGames Says:

    I live in Auckland.

    It’s in New Zealand and its pronounced.


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