Minecraft – Wiring up the Mob Spawner – Hermitcraft #24

Minecraft - Wiring up the Mob Spawner - Hermitcraft #24SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyfarm?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter (MCmonkeyfarm): http://twitter.com/MCmonkeyfarm Want to support my …

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20 Responses to “Minecraft – Wiring up the Mob Spawner – Hermitcraft #24”

  1. Steven Schroots Says:

    It’s not much off a long term solution but while working on the spawner the
    water droplets from the lowest level / spawn pad could be a tell if the
    water is on or off.

    Ps love the vids keep it up ^^ watching LP series 2 actualy got me in to
    minecraft xD

  2. Rakoo631 Says:

    Hey Monkeyfarm, how about connecting a T-flipflop and a redstone lamp to
    the torch tower so when the when the water is in one state so is the lamp.
    This could be a way of knowing if it is on or off

  3. BLTspace Says:

    I could hear the joy in your voice Monkey, lol. There’s nothing like firing
    up a good ole mob farm. ;)

  4. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  5. Susan Bowman Says:

    Totally Awesome My Friend LOL

  6. Kahoolo Says:

    I really like those flaming pillars on your “base or whatever you want to
    call it”(Monkeyfarm-0:22). Keep up the fabulous work :)

  7. Dan Patterson Says:

    Monkey instead of having those flaming towers at your entrance you could
    replace them with Monkeyfarm heads made out of colored wool.

  8. Amy Martindale Says:

    Hey Monkeyfarm!

    I’m really new to Minecraft, and I love watching your videos, they’re
    awesome. And there’s years and years to catch up on, which is cool. I
    keep wishing there were more current ones, I really want to see what
    happens next, but great job!

    In Mumbo’s blaze farm he uses a redstone lamp hooked up to a T-flipflop to
    show if it’s on or off. Don’t know if that’s of any use to you.

  9. Thomas Bewell Says:

    You are kind of copying mumbo with an island in a lake with a mob spawned

  10. Christopher Sola Says:

    Another great video.. A nice idea to disguise the mob farm as a giant
    mushroom…. inspired stuff. A big thumbs up (as always) and can’t wait to
    see the finished build.

  11. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:

    Hi Everybody!

  12. Mega MackeO™ Says:

    I would say to hook up something from afk platform as a light tells whether
    its on or off. But yeah like someone commented before, the spawning pad
    right above hopper clock, if it drips the waters on and vise versa

  13. Kruunun Perijä Says:

    Nive vid! I am from Finland, but I like your vids very much!

  14. brad deel Says:

    What happen to your resourse pack why is stuff defualt 

  15. Gewoon_Robin Says:

    second again? :P

  16. AngryKnine Says:

    It still works after all these years! Those are the best builds, the ones
    that are totally version independent. 

  17. DexGaming Says:

    Hey Monkeyfarm, don’t get me wrong, it’s just my opinion, but I think the
    mixture looks horrible (ressourcepack). I always loved your videos because
    you have a really good taste in which blocks to use + the ressourcepack is
    awesome for what you do, since you use it really well. Now you do not only
    removed some textures, you also use the standard 16×16 ones AND the 32×32
    from the ressource pack. I mean in my opinion that looks horrible, to use
    different resolution :/ Either a full ressourcepack or none, but not just
    half of it :/
    Anyways, keep on your LP, I’m enjoying it a lot!

  18. Edenlv60 Says:

    how come his resource pack is messed up? is it intentional?

  19. Thomas Bewell Says:

    More people should build in mushroom blocks they are so cool

  20. WraShadow Says:

    To check if its on or off, its really easy. Just tested this. All you need
    to do is connect a comparator to one of the dispensers. if the bucket is
    empty, it emits 1 signal strength, if it has water then it emits 2 signal

    Also, you can make use of the fact that comparators can have one block
    before them to bypass your redstone line.

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