Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial – How to Build : Harrier Jet Fighter

Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial - How to Build : Harrier Jet FighterMinecraft Vehicle Tutorial – How to Build : Harrier Jet Fighter Can we hit 4000 likes on this epic fighter jet? More Vehicles? Check out the playlist – http:…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Feb 16th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial – How to Build : Harrier Jet Fighter”

  1. Gemini Animations Says:

    for the missiles, you can actually replace the hopper with a dispenser and
    put fire charges inside it, and in a push of a button, it will look like it
    is shooting.

  2. Christopher Farrelly Says:

    +Biggs87x the view from that tree though! Epiiiic!

  3. Orlov Oscar Says:

    Pls make Antonov 225 Mriya.

  4. MrGImBIS Says:

    Please make the WATERFALL HOUSE of Frank Lloyd Wright! :D

  5. WheatWormStudios Says:

    Hey guys just remember to like the guys vid he does a great JOB and
    remember this is his job. So to keep his youtube career possible it
    defiantly wouldn’t hurt to like the video. :)

  6. Keralis Nametag Says:

    +Keralis Prank somebody on Hermitcraft with those and write on signs that
    hes/hers base is going to be blown if they dont give you t.ex 1 stack
    diamond blocks?

  7. Hi Pie Says:

    Looks more like an SU-25T frogfoot, anyways nice video

  8. roflstickfigures Says:

    Keralis I fly planes and can help you out :D
    The elevator is the horizontal part of the tail.
    The rudder is the vertical part 

  9. kezdrew Says:

    you sound like whitheboy7sth

  10. Toby Colbourne Says:

    Make an airport :D

  11. ParadiseGaming237 Says:

    Hey Keralis why don’t you post anymore Euro Truck Simulator?? It was May
    favorite series. :( Please Reply
    PS Awesome plane!

  12. Dazl Enzo Says:

    Build an old school train :D

  13. LegitLeoHD Says:

    I’m new here and I’m loving your content keralis u are awesome

  14. PantseZ Pelaa Says:

    03.32 its like a boat :D

  15. rex lesner Says:

    love it

  16. Arne Gentjens Says:

    keralis is there ever gonna be undeground house ep.33 , i subscribed a few
    days before you started that series and i’m still waiting for it to start

  17. Henry Rivera Says:

    I like his voice. 

  18. DoomedMooshroom Says:

    Now you need a helicopter. 

  19. Mart Jamnes Says:

    Make a world download link!!!!!!

  20. TheFarkey97 Says:

    I would of done it all in one type of block like the stone but looks
    awesome. You should add spider webs out the back of the engines to make it
    look like theres movement. 

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