Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial – Forklift Truck

Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial - Forklift TruckEnjoyed? Smack that like button like your life depended on it! :) More Vehicles? Check out the playlist – http://goo.gl/S3FZka Design – Zark_5c http://www.yo…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Jan 7th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Vehicle Tutorial – Forklift Truck”

  1. Aeroxz Says:

    Looks “realistic”. I know not really but that’s amazing! :3

  2. karen defraine Says:

    This is awesome I’m using it in my construction site hunger games so please
    make more building vehicles

  3. GhostUsa HD Says:


  4. Jorn Wiekens Says:

    U said in one of your videos that there was coming and next lets build a
    mansion part… im waiting!!!

  5. awesomo660 Says:


  6. mister RB Says:

    could we have more euro truck simulator 2 pweese?

  7. Keralis Says:

    Enjoy all! Next up will be an awesome Mansion on the inspiration series and
    tomorrow we will resume Hermitcraft! Wooooooooya! <3

  8. keo looters Says:

    1st like?

  9. Tommy Lems Says:

    Ow sry i know the texture pack

  10. Jon Rios Says:

    great tutorial but maybe try to sound less creepy in the beginning of your
    vids lol

  11. Shodowmech Says:

    Hermit craft?

  12. Joakim Olsson Says:

    Hermitcraft!!!!! Plzz

  13. Wyatt Denious Says:

    keralis I think they have shaders mod for 1.7.2

  14. Kolby Pham Says:


  15. baseballminecrafter Says:

    Build a huge farm house!

  16. KertvegasMinecraft Says:

    Nice sethbling outro music buddy…

  17. Jian Bigornia Says:

    2014 ! ! 

  18. Dopey Guy Says:

    You inspired me to save up for a computer so I could play shaders and stuff

  19. xXEliteProBossXx Says:

    I must build this :D

  20. BlockyArchitecture Says:

    Just a very nice forklift :)

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