Minecraft Throwdown Series Pitch

Minecraft Throwdown Series PitchAll the info is in the video.

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Throwdown Series Pitch”

  1. dabom0282 Says:


  2. roboticaust Says:

    All that said, we drive each other crazy. The best option is just to pretend the other one doesn’t exist and let things settle. I respect him and do occasionally spark an idea or two off something he has done and vice versa from my understanding; but respect doesn’t necessarily mean we can coexist for long before we start going after one another for both being anal, opinionated and unwilling to compromise.

  3. Upsellum Says:

    @roboticaust Then you should get in touch again man. People with the same minecraft spirit should cooperate. But I heard you were friends with red3yz and I think he is an excellent redstone ingeneer!

  4. AUsernameIsOverrated Says:


  5. Iseedeadkittens666 Says:

    @roboticaust That’s true, though there wasn’t a whole lot of need for mob sorting before, anyways… :P I more meant the boat circuits, which, although not necessary, he did something different and original that no one else had, and so I thought that was cool. But anyways, can’t wait for this series to come out! I’m loving Redstone Wars so far, and I like the idea of each person getting random themes and stuff. It’s a great idea!

  6. roboticaust Says:

    Never gonna happen. He hasn’t liked me since day one since I started this channel helping him out with a project he pretty much gave up on. He got angry that I took something he only had working for 3 hours before it broke and fixed it over time. Things brewed for a few months and eventually he started getting snippy with me in every exchange made and I ultimately lashed out over it. Big fight ensued and we decided the best option was to just avoid one another and remain peaceful.

  7. TheGrilledPineapple Says:

    Subbed to all those motherfuckers. Yeah. I know. I’m a fanboy.

  8. roboticaust Says:

    Losing a sub over the fact that I’m close friends with GenerikB outside of YT land? That makes total sense.

    If your logic is really that flawed, you weren’t worth having around anyhow.

  9. roboticaust Says:

    Etho isn’t happening. He and I can barely keep things civil between one another anymore.

  10. roboticaust Says:

    Iunno, what took him dozens upon dozens of episodes to figure out with water took me 5 minutes to figure out and maybe 30 to master the first time I started building large projects. I credit him for beating everyone to the punch as far as water goes; but I don’t find water mechanics in the least bit scary or difficult. Then the passive mobs consuming 30 episodes to sort out? Dear god!

  11. roboticaust Says:

    I thought so too. The show has a theme but the randomizer would add depth to it as well as throw people off. You couldn’t come in knowing exactly what you wanted to do, but rather would have to improvise like crazy. Also each master minecrafter would bring their own unique flavor to keep things interesting (as I’m sure, the competition would too).

  12. Shadekiller666 Says:

    @roboticaust scjoiner told you in one of his newest minecraft w/ stephen episodes that you need to come into his world and make all of his redstone more compact. i think

  13. Generikb Says:

    see, this is why roboticaust is the redstone guru…I would have stuck a pig in a minecart and spun him around a minetrack loop. That’s my hermit idea of a random number generator ;-)

  14. roboticaust Says:

    Nothing wrong with pig power lol.

  15. Upsellum Says:

    Etho and Red3yz would be awesome

  16. roboticaust Says:

    I heard :D
    Yeah we used to redstone together before he got married, got a new job and got slammed with a heavy course load all within a few weeks time. Kinda why he vanished off minecraft for awhile there. He’s actual does comp science for a living, I’m just the geek who can look at it and strangely understand it. In real life applications, the gates are usually premade and wire length/crossing wires is irrelevant. So I have an advantage learning it without the real life cheats.

  17. roboticaust Says:

    Yeah, he did come up with a cool idea with the boat roads; but they eventually got phased out with all the water bugs and minecart improvements. I see no point in “eats” anymore. Then again, I see no point in hostile mob sorting anymore either since the adventure update has essentially ruined grinding.

  18. MossOwnsYou Says:

    @roboticaust Etho for a long time I’ve thought of as a Water expert until a bit into his LP, where he just started doing whatever he wanted.

  19. Generikb Says:

    @cspy10 yeah let’s just set the record straight…roboticaust is in no way stealing any ideas. I came to him with the idea of Redstone Wars, and he brought in a TON of great ideas on how to take it to the next level. Some of the ideas will stay with Redstone Wars, but others were just too awesome and really needed their own competition series. I’m just a simple hermit…these fancy randomizers and such are best put in Robot’s hands :) It’s going to be a RAD competition and I’m super excited

  20. Upsellum Says:

    @roboticaust Woow I’m astonished… I never took in consideartion that there would be some sort of beefs beyond the minecraft scene. I really hate to hear all of this because if you guys could still help eachother out on projects you two could put out even more awesome builds. But I understand that this competitive world brings beefs with them and it is maybe better that you guys avoid eachother

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