Minecraft – The Zombie Chicken Rider OF DOOM

Minecraft - The Zombie Chicken Rider OF DOOMBecome a Crew Patron at: http://www.patreon.com/crewgaming This is a highlight from our UHC livestreams. In this one a player who had been surviving for most of the game with only half a…

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Filed under TheHillsoftware : Comments (16) : May 1st, 2015

16 Responses to “Minecraft – The Zombie Chicken Rider OF DOOM”

  1. mange sporrong Says:


  2. Verah Veron Says:

    The moment I leave… xD

  3. Poker Doge Says:

    This was one of the best moments of UHC ever!! :D

  4. xxcfox99xx(CoDBOSS99) Says:

    Best moment of UHC 2015

  5. DarkBat Says:

    YES HAHA <3

  6. GizmoTheFFF Says:

    such a great moment, the timing was so perfect

  7. Taimur Raja Says:

    XD that was priceless but I feel sorry for sykoo…. He was doing so well,
    until that happened. GG zombie chicken rider of doom… GG.

  8. Minecraftr0ckslol Says:

    I’ll rate this 10/10 ign. Another hilarious moment for the library of
    records in my brain.
    -mariofan1lol ( The Raichu ) :3

  9. Stigman Gaming Says:

    One of the most funniest UHC highlights ever XD 

  10. IDAXIS Says:

    XD -Diamondking3600

  11. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – The Zombie Chicken Rider OF DOOM

  12. Chewable_Tablets Says:

    Wow, Sykoo, just, wow
    *claps slowly*

  13. ThunderHawkChi Says:

    Lol face palms. GG though. 

  14. PappyLuv Says:

    Funny how his life force, in the form of an xp orb was hovering over his
    fallen loot. And the baby zombie looked back at his corpse over its

  15. Snowy Da Panda Says:

    wow that was one of the stupidest deaths ever lol

  16. hen614 Says:

    gg sykoo gg that baby chicken zombie was just too good

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