Minecraft – The Mole – Season 5 – Applications Open

Minecraft - The Mole - Season 5 - Applications OpenClick the following link to apply! http://goo.gl/Sc5ED8 Applications are now open for Season 5 of the Mole! Click the above link to fill out the application form! Applications will be taken…

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10 Responses to “Minecraft – The Mole – Season 5 – Applications Open”

  1. Kyle Fritz Says:

    Boz and company do an amazing job with this series. So much creativity and
    hard work goes into the challenges, casting, and filming of the show, they
    make it so authentic. With that said, the players are what really makes the
    show happen. Last season, the casting was great and it was the best season
    yet. I expect this season to be even better. I’m really hoping for players
    who are knowledgeable and passionate about the game, but also have the
    necessary minecraft skills in order to excel in the challenges because that
    was one thing the players from last season could have used more of in my

  2. Matt Rabeuf Says:

    I signed up and can’t wait for season 5!!! I absolutely love it and you
    guys I appreciate the work you do for your fans

  3. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – The Mole – Season 5 – Applications Open

  4. RangerBoy1234Channel Says:


  5. Chris Meleski Says:

    Hey Boz, Quick question. What should we include in our video? Who we are,
    what we like to do. Or just a nicely commentated video? I’d love to have
    this question answered because I would like to be in the mole, 2015

  6. heymagful Says:

    THANKS SO MUCH for giving us more than 2 months to apply! My MC doesn’t
    work right now so that gives me all the time to fix my computer!

  7. MrRiskyNumber049 Says:

    1st :D

  8. Joseph Dennington Says:

    So excited – I’m joedeeeeee just incase u didn’t know

  9. BrandonStorm1 Says:


  10. phantomguy917 Says:

    I wish I can join but I don’t have a mic or skype

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