Minecraft – The Crew is Captive – Episode 16

Minecraft - The Crew is Captive - Episode 16So Boz saw this awesome new map idea by the Farlanders called Captive Minecraft 2. In it players are stuck inside a world border (possible with the latest snapshot in Minecraft). As the players…

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6 Responses to “Minecraft – The Crew is Captive – Episode 16”

  1. TreesOfMinecraft Says:

    awesome :)

  2. Aaron Friesen Says:

    Where were all the flowers found?

  3. Charlie Brown Says:

    The Minecraft Crew is awesome, The Minecraft Crew is epic. The Minecraft
    Crew is my hero and I would like to be part of it!

  4. Molly Strachan Says:

    I was watching this video and just wanted to say Happy Halloween for
    tomorrow x

  5. Chanckjh Says:

    need more torches! Light it all up and clean the place up a little bit so
    that it is easier to get down

  6. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – The Crew is Captive – Episode 16

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