Minecraft – Suburban House 5

Minecraft - Suburban House 5Minecraft – Suburban House 5 The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Shaders for 1.8 Tutorial – http://goo.gl/q6jx4A…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Suburban House 5”

  1. Swami Dubuc Says:

    Sandy knows wassup! I remember one of your first modern houses, it had a
    huge basement with cool windows which were kinda holes in the wall with
    glass and above it was the outside of the house c:
    Damn your old builds were awesome bruh

  2. lex lathur Says:

    first comment hahahahha

  3. Methodios Sfirtsis Says:

    Weclcome to undercover 301 club you can choose for:

    As begining
    Fruit =

  4. Christopher Davis Says:

    The link to the flows resource pack website won’t work , for me it says
    “404 not found”
    & “Site not published”
    P.s. i like this house lotz, but the big couch seem’s kinda out of place to

  5. TheoSL Says:


  6. Nikita Mitrovich Says:

    10/10 It will look great in default texture pack! Can we have a download?

  7. sims3simmer Says:

    hool = hi+cool

  8. Scifiguy's Minecraft Says:

    Excellent build by Bebo! :D I’ll give it 9/10, just ’cause the outside of
    the house still needed some additional detail. Other than that, amazing
    interior, great layout, all around awesome modern house! :D

  9. Rayo DeJaneiro Says:

    WIFE VS MINECRAFT mooooooaaar


  10. Alexander Grimm Says:

    I love this house! I rate it a 10/10 i love the windows and tall ceilings.
    yellow is also one of my favorite colors. i wish xbox had the same skins
    and texture packs

  11. anthony De paz Says:

    What is love…Baby dont hurt me….Remember that

  12. Naru Epicity Says:

    This house is so cool!

    10 out of 10 fabulous butts :)
    (which is a good thing dangit people)

  13. kaylee! Rian! Says:

    Most townhouses in Chicago have windows for the basements. My aunt and
    uncles old house had windows for the basement. It let in a lot of light 

  14. Patrik Holly Says:

    This house is beautiful! That yellow stained clay is so cool! So 10/10 !

  15. Stephen Whittingstall Says:

    texture pack link no longer available :( Also 10/10 love this house. I want
    to live in basement bedroom

  16. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Suburban House 5

  17. TheCrystalLIFE Says:

    You need to do a tutorial on how to build this (on a flat world) plz plz

  18. Keralis Says:

    Enjoy dear friends! ETS2 and Part 2 of the latest house lets build will
    hopefully be up tomorrow! <3

  19. lex lathur Says:

    why the heck did andy say, “we’re set for the weekend”, where the F****
    does he live

  20. adi-alwin Lichański Says:

    8:30 man cave :P

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