Minecraft STORY MODE! NEW MINECRAFT GAME! COMING 2015NEW MINECRAFT GAME COMING SOON! SUBSCRIBE ITS FREE! http://tinyurl.com/SubcribeMCDN Can we hit “500 LIKES” for more! Directors Channel:https://www.youtube.com/XxEcKoxSoldierxX …

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Filed under MINECRAFTdotNET : Comments (15) : Dec 24th, 2014

15 Responses to “Minecraft STORY MODE! NEW MINECRAFT GAME! COMING 2015”

  1. MINECRAFTdotNET Says:
  2. _Exentra_ Says:

    Guys we should make a Minecraft remake and let it be the same as it is now,
    well name it digcraft, fuck microsoft, fucking idiots 

  3. Mattias Rohde Says:

    What is the song in the intro?

  4. AbdidozMC Says:

    i think this is actually something really cool. A year ago i used to play
    survival mode for 3 months (lol) then it got really really boring because i
    was repeating everything everytime so now its something new something that
    i would find epic and i think minecraft will become better with this

  5. Dancing Dom Says:

    internet explorer

  6. The Butler Says:


  7. JacobCraft77 Says:

    PlZ be a troll

  8. Steg Rocket Says:

    Meh that just sounds like upgraded custom maps, if it has good story like
    pokemon. Does it might bring me back to minecraft, but for now I moved on

  9. Venjamin Palankov Says:


  10. FlammableSports Says:

    Stupid Microsoft..

  11. Damire Williams Says:

    Is Alex going to appaer in it…

  12. Sarah Ball Says:

    First like

  13. OpKesh Plays Says:

    Subscribe to OpKesh Plays!!!

  14. Collin Fossett Says:


  15. Lorenzo Lebsack Says:

    is this replacing minecraft if so microsoft is going to piss off alot of

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