Minecraft Space Tower Challenge | GETTING EGGS-TREMELY LUCKY! (Pt1)

Minecraft Space Tower Challenge | GETTING EGGS-TREMELY LUCKY! (Pt1)Minecraft Space Tower Challenge | EGG-TREMELY LUCKY Merlin, the king of your land, is preparing for his own retirement. The challenge is to pass all 16 challenges and 4 bosses, then make it…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Space Tower Challenge | GETTING EGGS-TREMELY LUCKY! (Pt1)”

  1. Kris Kane Says:

    First comment

  2. T.D mc Says:

    Wow ,wow ,because I don’t want to be wow

  3. Lizabeth Scott Says:


  4. Jack Allden Says:

    Whoop hype- do more of MU story 

  5. Nassim Bounif Says:

    I really love the mega modded series do more ;)

  6. Forever Xbox Says:


  7. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  8. Nassim Bounif Says:

    verry OP map thnx

  9. Chanel Hulleman Says:

    Oh no

  10. noobtube887 Says:

    Out of the 261 views as of I am watching only 18 comments? Dang m8

  11. xXBaconEliteXx JN Says:

    3rd coment

  12. angela de vega Says:

    Good vid

  13. CooneybugMC Says:

    We better get 1000 likes, because this has become my new favorite series!

  14. Nitronom873 evolved Countronom Says:

    Hey jason can you make teamcrafted be together and please do more
    blightfall videos

  15. dayninja123 -COD Gaming Says:

    I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get
    closer. Then it hit me.

  16. Hey It's Em! Says:

    This was great ^_^

  17. Ernestina Francis Says:

    34 viewer

  18. ThatBoyGamer MLG Says:

    5th View 5th Like

  19. Sue Gardner Says:

    I thought Ditch ‘n’ switch said Bitch ‘n’ switch


  20. NinjaFawful . Says:

    Hope you upload pt 2 pretty soon :D

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