Minecraft Reorganizing the Base – Hermitcraft #32

Minecraft Reorganizing the Base - Hermitcraft #32SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyfarm?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter (MCmonkeyfarm): http://twitter.com/MCmonkeyfarm Want to support my …

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Filed under monkeyfarm : Comments (20) : May 3rd, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft Reorganizing the Base – Hermitcraft #32”

  1. Yuriluvr Says:

    I have to say,you always have the best bases.Can’t wait to see the end

  2. Justin Hammon Says:

    First like and comment YES

  3. KenanMC Says:

    Really enjoyed this episode, the terrain around your base is lovely!

  4. christopher sanchez Says:

    Can you update the texure pack to the blocks you have

  5. Matt Greenwald Says:

    I really like where this is going… My brief Minecraft burnout may be over

  6. EVILBUNNY28 Says:

    Got to love a clean and tidy base… ;)

  7. Monkeyfarm Says:
  8. fakermage Says:

    Any update on the patreon play along? Looking foward to that. 

  9. Lane Farro Says:

    Behind biffa thing is a chest with something from impulse with a book on it

  10. Peter Wijnmaalen Says:


  11. MaryKate McWade Says:

    love you’re videos!!!

  12. Alex Banwell Says:

    monkeyfarm,you should do both minecart tracks over to the island and you
    should build something similar in style to your 16×16 cottage but much
    Also loving the base :)

  13. Will Mumford Says:

    It would be awesome if you did a huge redstone build with Mumbo, Etho and
    Doc, or any other hermits

  14. Chris Ng Says:

    third view 

  15. AngryKnine Says:

    That darn horse. Nothing but trouble! :P

  16. 2491kridge Says:

    lol that’s why you don’t use a texture pack that makes the horses look like
    damn cows lol 

  17. AthenaGash Gaming Says:

    You’re definitely my favorite youtuber. I get inspiration from each and
    every one of your videos. And I just love how much work you put into every
    one of your builds. You’re amazing, monkey. Keep it up! I’m not going
    anywhere. And I’m sure all of your subscribers can say the same. (;

  18. TheGamingDeer Says:

    Awesome video. 

  19. MrSkitek1337 Says:

    When download save map serve bro :)

  20. ScubzMcTalBowling Says:

    Make the stairs under the bridge into an arch

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