Minecraft Redstone Indicator Lamp – Hermitcraft #25

Minecraft Redstone Indicator Lamp - Hermitcraft #25The mob spawner is working well. Now it’s time to set up a redstone indicator lamp that will tell us when the dispensers are on or off and mobs are spawning. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft…

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Filed under monkeyfarm : Comments (20) : Apr 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft Redstone Indicator Lamp – Hermitcraft #25”

  1. Vasil bliyarski Says:

    I have a question. What are you going to do with the mobs when they fall to
    the very bottom are you going to farm them and if yes how cuz i dont see
    how your old XP farm is going to work with 9 blocks drop down

  2. Amy Martindale Says:

    Thanks for another great video! I appreciate that you debug your redstone
    on camera — I learn more that way.

  3. Johan Bjuren Says:

    Like your videos, not a fan of the texturepack tho :)

  4. konastinky888 Says:

    I hooked up a dispenser water indicator behind some glass. Very easy to
    install an extra dispenser to the design at the afk level just after the
    on/off switch. Cladded mine in green wool with a creeper face and now I’m
    doing the body so he poops out the mobs. 

  5. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  6. xisumavoid Says:

    The mushroom and cobble textures are so similar to vanilla i was confused
    lol. The base is coming along great bud :-)

  7. WyldFox Says:

    While you are fixing a lamp, i was fixing my lighthouse in minecraft, lol,
    love the video.

  8. Will Mumford Says:

    You’re awesome!! I’m a long time subscriber. I remember watching 2nd world
    with my brother. Keep up the good work!

  9. Justin Hammon Says:

    First like :0

  10. bopiweirdo Says:

    This is gonna get huge!!!! The hype!!!! 

  11. Adam Cordeiro Says:

    I like the things you build on Minecraft it’s really cool

  12. Gabe Jimenez Says:


  13. Brandan Scheller Says:

    Really awesome video Monkeyfarm!

  14. Jack Speed Says:


  15. Justin Muse Says:

    so excited for you! Can’t wait to see how this epic build turns out! Love
    your vids man keep them coming! 

  16. WraShadow Says:

    Hey, its me again. I thought you were going to make another dispenser on
    the redstone platform with the clock and check with the comparator on that
    “fake” one.

    You can connect the turn off signal to a AND gate to only power that main
    block if condition is met on the clock and on the lever downstairs so you
    never have to worry about timing.

  17. bandgeek9723 Says:

    I would go for a more rounded mushroom shape with a build that large. The
    only reason it isn’t round in the normal giant red mushroom, is because it
    is so relatively small compared to this build.

  18. BahamutEx Says:

    that lamp placement seems very odd… :3

  19. Parker King Says:

    Hey man! Great job :)

  20. Tom Selby Says:

    Monkey, you should add a platform of hoppers for when the mobs hit it and
    die the drops get collected automatically, great video <3

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