Minecraft: Pop Up Staircase Tutorial

Minecraft: Pop Up Staircase TutorialMinecraft Tutorial Playlist â-» http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8 This minecraft tutorial will show you how to build a pop up staircase, to navigate between three floors….

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : Mar 9th, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft: Pop Up Staircase Tutorial”

  1. Stressmonster101 Says:

    It’s a shame u can’t get pretty pressure plates :(
    Really cool design though – i may very well use it in my build :)

  2. Ane Boomsma Says:

    Cool build, its an awesome way to make your base bigger but save space on
    stairways or an elevator. Keep up the cool video’s <3

  3. Slein Says:

    This would be super awesome if it was expandeble… I dont know if that is
    possible tough

  4. Kieran Robson Says:

    great tutorial please reply haha

  5. GTexperience Says:

    never thought it could become so small

  6. Icarus the star kid Says:

    Here’s a sad story.
    Once I was cleaning my computer, when the rain poured down. I kept on
    cleaning and waited for it to finish.
    Suddenly…. the lightning struck right beside my house.
    The lights went out.
    I heard a fizzing sound coming from the computer.
    I went to it and the light went out slowly from the moniter.
    It was gone.
    I used to love building redstone contraptions, but I am now stuck trying to
    build redstone alternates on my tablet.
    When I see other redstone contraptions, I cry every time ;_;

  7. Soccer03 Says:

    Do you know of the cube smp server? Im a new sub to you :D

  8. Sandwich247 Says:

    Is it just me or is ther a lot of screen tearing on youtube nowdays?

  9. Klorkson Says:

    Could you build an additon to that? What I mean is a staircase that pops
    out of the ceiling

  10. TheSkogemann Says:

    Just what i need! Thank you! :D

  11. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    This is sweet! Really like this build.

  12. Girish Manjunath Says:

    Hey, um, X, what happened to today’s cities skylines? Did we not hit the

  13. Red Nomster Says:

    That’s actually a very impressive design. I wonder if there would be a way
    to stack it so you can climb to the ceiling of the world if needed, and so
    multiple people could climb the stairs at once. Sexy :D

  14. Ebolel Says:

    Anyone looking to join an SMP? We haven’t started.
    Looking to start soon! We just need a group of people! Comment below (With
    Skype) if interested!

  15. Derpy Kitties Says:

    Who disliked this video?

  16. 794613825a Says:

    Put it on 0.5x speed for the best drunk effect I’ve ever heard!

  17. xisumavoid Says:
  18. TheSaphanothess7 Says:

    I really like this! Good job! :D

  19. twistypops Says:

    You should really invite bdoubleo to hermitcraft, it would be so awesome
    and he would so fit in on hermitcraft. 

  20. TheGamesters Says:

    Hey Xisuma. Great video as always. You said in another video (Cities:
    Skylines series) that you’re from England but I’m curious on where you are
    from because I can’t work out your accent.

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