Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.

Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.Our recreation of the original gameboy Pokemon Red in stop motion. We hope you enjoyed it! Please subscribe and remember to check us out at www.minecrafta2z.net

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.”

  1. Hlemguard Says:

    Is that really posible. INCREDABLE!!!!

  2. BetaToad Says:

    Now do all the Music with noteblocks.

  3. foxxylobster Says:

    nostalgia like a bitch 

  4. MOHtier1FTW Says:

    how the fuck did you do that

  5. VLargeAndInChargeV Says:



  6. deraifu Says:

    I can only imagine the pain of trying to correct that one line of pixels that are off by one…lol

  7. Wildx0 Says:

    I don’t think you understand how big they made that.

  8. Xaioa17 Says:

    I think it fake, sorry

  9. DrCreeperPhD Says:

    To all the people saying it’s fake – it’s not edited-in. What they’ve (likely) done, is get the program that turns pictures into minecraft pixel art. From there, they would’ve used a program like MCedit and changed the world every frame for each picture they took. It’s not hand-made, but it’s still a fuckton of work.

  10. mrblackrock555 Says:

    ikr the detail and precision is so accurate

  11. phzrsweden Says:

    @skully367 Its the way it was back in the days. They are using a custom texturepack i believe

  12. p00rtal Says:

    its hard to believe this is hand made … i honestly do not think it is

  13. lordyamidusk Says:

    No, I don’t agree. I think you’re a lazy ass who diminishes other peoples work because he doesn’t have the passion to do anything himself.

  14. skully367 Says:

    This is amazing and all, and I understand it’d be extremely labourious to create every single frame, but is there really a reason why the text doesn’t run smoothly? Unless of course you actually just take a lot of screenshots the game and then insert them into minecraft (which would make this approximately 76% less awesome). Just curious

  15. jettrooper3rd Says:

    I’ve just started playing Pokemon Red on my Gameboy SP.
    Best decision of this year

  16. c6030315 Says:

    Are you stupid, how could it be fake? It’s not like this is pistons doing it. It’s a series of screenshots played quickly so they look like a video

  17. wafflenader Says:

    OMG so EPIC :D

  18. TehIshki Says:

    If you watch the behind the scenes – the screen is 1:1 aspect ratio, so they just needed to copy the pixels as they are on the gameboy. It’s quite a lot of work, but there’s no reason to think it’s fake.. It’s fucking amazing either way.

    Props man, that was awesome

  19. AidanFirmLegend Says:

    thats a bit extreme. its awesome but don’t you think thats a bit ignorant?

  20. char1661 Says:

    How is that ignorant? Its his business what he finds amazing.

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