Minecraft Planetary Confinement #9 | PENGUINS ATTACK! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft Planetary Confinement #9 | PENGUINS ATTACK! - Vanilla Minecraft Mod Packplanetary 9Minecraft Planetary Confinement #9 | PENGUINS ATTACK! Welcome to Planetary Confinement. A Minecraft Mini-Series of an awesome 1.8 Vanilla Mod Pack for Minecraft! watch as TrueMU, …

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Filed under MinecraftUniverse : Comments (19) : May 2nd, 2015

19 Responses to “Minecraft Planetary Confinement #9 | PENGUINS ATTACK! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. Kane Larabee Says:

    Jason do a sieries with allcof team crafted

  2. Johnpaul Hernandez Says:

    First comment yeah 

  3. Stefan Flamer Says:

    second comment

    also another great vid minecraft universe/jason

  4. shadowSSS5 Says:

    that glance at Jeffrey at 11:23 doe.

  5. Connor Diamond Says:

    can you show how to install the crafting dead mod pack

  6. Ethan Isaac Says:

    <3 Gonna love the vid like always

  7. colin bell Says:

    Janson once you get game from this other world it will be a good segway
    into b-team

  8. 123yoyoyoshi Says:

    Call him Gunther!

  9. Matthew Pasqualini Says:

    The Distress Beacon and the Penguin Invasion is a reference to a game
    called starbound.

  10. Thammanan Thamtaranon Says:

    what mod did you use for Jeffry

  11. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  12. Chris Camporeale Says:

    They copied star onus

  13. kuan gabriel Says:


  14. Flaming Sword Says:
  15. Isaias Gonzalez Says:

    Wow the good stuff alwayz happens OK n the next episode

  16. Noelluis Garciadiaz Says:

    9thcomment nice :D video jason good Job!!

  17. Albert Yu Says:

    make a nether portal with the obsidion


    third comment

  19. Dustin Wilmot Says:

    You should expand your base and defenses

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