Minecraft Planetary Confinement #7 | THE MYSTERIOUS PYRAMIDS! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft Planetary Confinement #7 | THE MYSTERIOUS PYRAMIDS! - Vanilla Minecraft Mod PackMinecraft Planetary Confinement #7 | THE GREAT PYRAMIDS! Welcome to Planetary Confinement. A Minecraft Mini-Series of an awesome 1.8 Vanilla Mod Pack for Minecraft! watch as TrueMU, …

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Planetary Confinement #7 | THE MYSTERIOUS PYRAMIDS! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. FriendsDoMinecraft Says:

    Was I the only one playing Zelda and watching this?

  2. Israel cortes Says:

    U can make dirty water and convert it into clean water

    1: get a block of dirt and a bottle in the crafting module

    2: then put the dirty water in the furnace let it cook and it turns into
    clean water

  3. Aura Games/Jack Boytel Says:

    Love The Video Guys :) So Close To 40 Subs…

  4. Sae Takayuki Says:

    the last part was hilarious! haha, poor Jason.

  5. SUP3R P4ND4 Says:


  6. Isack Perez Says:

    U got boring

  7. Frost Wolf Says:

    True my you can mine part of the crashed ship for iron from the iron

  8. CNshark rokz Says:

    All the illuminati jokes were made that day

  9. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  10. Joaquim Grenon Says:

    I don’t know if you can but … mine an iron block and try to transform it
    into ingots in your inventory 4×4 crafting grid

  11. GameTuto Says:

    Wait. How did g you get the pets to work?

  12. SUP3R P4ND4 Says:


  13. Tamarack Tigers Says:

    illuminati confirmed

  14. Leighton Antonio Says:

    Sorry ( hi for bad indian

  15. Olivia Dien Says:

    Jason I’ve been waiting for you to realize this, you have a lot of small
    stones so you should make a pickaxe then mine the iron blocks instead of
    sifting for hours, just a suggestion ;)

  16. Trinity Baker Says:

    Wheres the crafting dead

  17. Red Spy Says:

    Dude Jason ur temperature is 2 high

  18. Tecnolock Gaming Says:


  19. Kour Rage Says:

    I first 

  20. butterthats eatable Says:

    You should do Jason vs Gaming again and play Dragon Ball Xenoverse with Sky
    and JinBop!

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