Minecraft Planetary Confinement #6 | THE LUCKY CHEST!? – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft Planetary Confinement #6 | THE LUCKY CHEST!? - Vanilla Minecraft Mod PackMinecraft Planetary Confinement #6 | THE LUCKY CHEST Welcome to Planetary Confinement. A Minecraft Mini-Series of an awesome 1.8 Vanilla Mod Pack for Minecraft! watch as TrueMU, Logdotzip,.

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18 Responses to “Minecraft Planetary Confinement #6 | THE LUCKY CHEST!? – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. MasterCrafterMC Says:

    Under 301! 

  2. Nathan Smith Says:

    U can use leaves to get water when u cook it with a bucket in the fuel
    after u activate it is its one coal

  3. Wesley Heard Says:


  4. Lailani Pasag Says:

    Love rhe vid

  5. Albert Yu Says:

    you can grow vines by whating and put a block so the vine can grow

  6. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  7. Ipacky Gamingz Says:

    guys use the pickaxe to mine all the iron infront of the ship the other
    part of the ship
    and make armor

  8. Lailani Pasag Says:


  9. Israel cortes Says:

    In a furnace

  10. Space Mooshroom Says:

    Make a vine farm it makes more vine to use

  11. Xblas ter Says:

    +1 abo !!!!
    Venez faire un petit tour sur ma chaîne !!
    Je compte sur vous et abonnez-vous !! ;)

  12. shawn weng Says:

    Second comment, also love this

  13. Dylan Wright Says:

    Janson make a infinite water source then u can get infinite water to drink
    its vanilla 

  14. Green Park Says:

    Put vines on the wall they can grow!!

  15. Israel cortes Says:

    U can make dirty water by putting a empty bottle and dirt to make clean
    water u need to cook dirty water

  16. Gogogokuhanten Gaming Says:

    Omg the Deconstructor works :D

  17. ManVSBlocksTV Says:

    “Yeah i’m really sweaty tonight”
    If you know what i mean lol XD

  18. Israel cortes Says:

    U can craft swords and stuff on the crafting table

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