Minecraft Planetary Confinement #5 | ENDER PEARL HUNT! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft Planetary Confinement #5 | ENDER PEARL HUNT! - Vanilla Minecraft Mod PackMinecraft Planetary Confinement #5 | ENDERMAN HUNT! Welcome to Planetary Confinement. A Minecraft Mini-Series of an awesome 1.8 Vanilla Mod Pack for Minecraft! watch as TrueMU, Logdotzip,…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Planetary Confinement #5 | ENDER PEARL HUNT! – Vanilla Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. Braydon Johnston Says:

    What happened to attack of the b team?? I miss it

  2. Frosty Vampire Says:

    Jeffery with dead ringer OP

  3. Dylan Nguyen Says:

    plus you can make a cobblestone pickaxe to dig out the iron blocks to make
    iron armour and weapons

  4. Dylan Wright Says:
  5. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  6. Marco Bejarano Says:

    just a question can they make a infinet water source

  7. Alex Lee Says:

    Make two deconstruct

  8. h20 joey Says:


  9. Nicholas Victor Says:

    Hello m8s

  10. DarkPlaysMC Says:

    Jason your post to right click on top of the deconstrucor for it to work
    not place the block 

  11. Arresting Gelato Says:

    When will he continue with his Story of TrueMu series?

  12. vetirocks the beast Says:

    U can make a pick axex with the ingets

  13. elias Piperis Says:

    Hello everyone( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. hazel ry-ono Says:

    I don’t want to say this but can you play attack of the b-team its awesome
    like making it season2 i really really enjoyed it so pls play it again :)

  15. Shanice Handley Says:

    I love videos

  16. Dylan Wright Says:

    Mine a hole in ur base then put a bucket of water in it then get infinite
    water vanilla 

  17. DarkPlaysMC Says:

    And jason get a steel pickaxe to mine iron blocks its way easier

  18. Bedsidelamp Says:


  19. Robert ferrell Says:

    301 under club

  20. aryan patel Says:

    TOO MUCH plantery confinement 

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