Minecraft – Party Night Build Contest – Vote for your fave

Minecraft - Party Night Build Contest - Vote for your faveBecome a Crew Patron at: http://www.patreon.com/crewgaming To vote go to: http://goo.gl/PxBJ10 So last Friday we did a live streamed open build contest. People from the live stream came on…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft – Party Night Build Contest – Vote for your fave”

  1. Minecraftr0ckslol Says:

    My favorite part of 2014 was making it into high school :3

  2. Kippie0104 Says:

    Ahhh yay its up! :3 I feel like my build was soooo simple though.
    Oh well
    Oh, and Crew… I’m actually a girl. XD Oh well though
    Thanks for hosting the server and inviting us on! <3

  3. Isaiah Blackmon Says:

    Guys so is the server back on because I miss the server

  4. Samuel Faucher Says:

    My vote goes to helen158 for her cruise build

  5. AbsyJo Says:

    Free Sarah #

  6. Michelle Liu Says:

    yayyyyy sarah is back! :D

  7. piperbunny Says:

    #FreeSarah2015 very good outtakes :)

  8. Julie747 Says:


    giz is so rude xD….

  9. Aimee lieks Llamas Says:

    My favourite part was Death cube!

  10. Ia Rae Says:

    What’s the server address?And I like them all!

  11. RangerBoy1234Channel Says:

    i have build the room off monuments

  12. Gracie Pilkinton Says:

    #FreeSarah2015 :P

  13. Jack Ley Says:

    Great builds! How long did they have to create them?

  14. Sean Griffin Says:

    Welcome to the under 301 club how tough are you; ?!

  15. Sam Miller Says:

    So is the server back? the theme builds? I deleted it because I didn’t
    really like it after it changed…

  16. LVLFLG Says:

    I am so glad this server is back!!!

  17. cloudless Says:

    love the outtakes! XD

  18. MC Legend Says:

    I miss these vids and the server

  19. Nicholas Loughery Says:

    This was just a little fun thing on fun friday the server is NOT back
    untill the crew hit their Patron Milestone

  20. IDAXIS Says:

    I vote Diamondking3600! Because that’s me!

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