#Minecraft Old Trafford Football Stadium Build [XBOX 360]

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Filed under MINECRAFTdotNET : Comments (20) : Sep 10th, 2012

20 Responses to “#Minecraft Old Trafford Football Stadium Build [XBOX 360]”

  1. FrancisKraft Says:

    whooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. LeoManaLeen Says:

    I need this stadium can you upload?

  3. TheStomper12 Says:

    it doesn’t matter that’s awesome building!

  4. TrojaFreak Says:

    this looks nothing like old trafford

  5. Master71918 Says:


  6. BarkerIsOnFire Says:

    Football sucks.

  7. andy93h Says:

    scheduled uploads

  8. FrancisKraft Says:

    fix the link, its K in Kraft!

  9. TNAn0rBeZ Says:

    is ,,YOU KNOW,, your favourite word?

  10. FrancisKraft Says:

    few weeks

  11. TheStomper12 Says:

    AWESOME!In two weeks?…

  12. drummercow Says:

    man U is the scummiest team in the world :P LUFC is the way forward :)

  13. Lou Evoy Says:

    good job :)

  14. MrSamCraft2 Says:

    Uploaded comment was 1 week ago ahaha :L wtf….

  15. andy93h Says:

    duh it’s built out of pixels

  16. FrancisKraft Says:

    can you PLEASE fix the link? its K in FrancisKraft!

  17. Deadrath1 Says:

    *face blows up* I CANT BELIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST LIKE 55000000000000000 TIMES

  18. pandaman23ftw Says:

    how long did this take you

  19. TheOnlyPayton Says:

    As an actual United fan this is awesome. Great try and I love the way you have thought about the executive boxes. The players tunnel is a little big though :P

  20. TheFirebrillz Says:

    Great build mate, i could only dream of making that haha

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