Minecraft Mushroom House Renovations

Minecraft Mushroom House RenovationsToday on my show, I decided to do some more work to my tiny mushroom house. Since it is sitting next to the water, I wanted to make a cool stained glass road across the water to the other mushroom…

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Filed under MinecraftChick : Comments (20) : May 7th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Mushroom House Renovations”

  1. Aaron Cosgrove Says:

    Yay! Another Video! been waiting for this! :)

  2. MCEdit Smith Says:


  3. Castiel Novak Says:

    Aww! I missed you! Welcome back xx

  4. Reivnek Says:

    69th view

  5. cat3394mc Says:

    Great job! It looks really nice :D

  6. Jammis - FlamePortal Says:

    If you still work for Mojang, When will New Zealand get Minecraft Realms?

  7. Jocelyn Donbar Says:

    :D I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDS they are so cute and yes you should make the
    creeper shirt its cool :3 Please respond

  8. Kyle Crafter Says:

    Make a farm ! :) pls? 

  9. WillJCK Says:

    Ha this is awesome ;D

  10. Kaitlyn Gurnsey Says:

    I am so happy that you remembered to post!!! You should try to do some
    survival games!

  11. Squeaky Wheel Says:

    Hey, Lydia! Been subscribed to you since your original minecraft series
    was in its single digits. Good to see you making videos again! I remember
    really enjoying your first series and I’m enjoying your new videos! 

  12. G3hostRider Says:

    Wow this is awesome ^^ happy to see u back on your channel

  13. crazyLilacGurl Says:

    Hey!! :) Maybe sometime can you have a fan on your world? :) it just sounds
    fun! ♥★ :-D

  14. Karen Jackson Says:

    How are you Lydia???? Love,karen jackson

  15. Petlovereg Says:

    It looks cool! I am so glad you are starting to play more because you are
    one of my favorite youtubers lol 

  16. HotSwitch Says:

    Always loved your videos and your gentle quiet voice >_<

  17. Mari AS Says:

    I love your Mushroom house, is so cute ^^ <3

    Mexico Loves You<3 :D

  18. Millie Hibbert Says:

    I love your vids 

  19. horseandaglover Says:

    You should build a dog house! That would be fun! Or you could also build a
    cat or horse house if you didn’t want to build a dog one

  20. Wing FlyAJ Says:

    Creeper shirt woooooo:D

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