Minecraft Mushroom House – Episode 3

Minecraft Mushroom House - Episode 3Today I decided to work on my mushroom house again and of course I encountered another zombie along the way. My beautiful yellow stained glass walkway is finally complete. I also found more…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Mushroom House – Episode 3”

  1. GirlPlaysGames28 Says:

    You r very good at videos wut equipment do u use to film

  2. SimonThaKillah Says:

    Lydia Winters: A World of Possibilities – GGM14 Here is the video if you
    can’t click the little video box.

  3. Jail Miner Says:

    A fan!

  4. Karls_kay_79 Says:

    Hey Lydia!! Do you have a P.O. BOX??

  5. DaisyGirl Says:

    Could you please turn down your music and turn up your brightness…?
    Thanks If You Do! 

  6. Fiona Companion Says:

    Those eyes were WHITE not purple! it might have been herobrine! and the
    cave you can make a small home out of it and attach the mine to it

  7. ChaotischGamen | Elke week videos | Says:

    Make a musshroom above your mushroom! to make a bigger house!

  8. DOAT - DonOfAllTime Says:


  9. ChaotischGamen | Elke week videos | Says:

    Hello Lydia!

  10. rainbow girl Says:

    hi I just subbed what do you use to record your videos?

  11. TheGoldPlayer Says:

    Lydia the thumbnail is funny.

    When is the minecon 2014 tickets come ut and where is gonna be.

  12. Kyle Crafter Says:

    Yey! Episode 3!

  13. IPanda27 Says:

    How did you come up with the name MinecraftChick? :)

  14. SameeraMSP Says:

    Hey Lydia! You can add some glowstone to your stone path which might make
    the area brighter! :D Hope this helped! 

  15. Mary D Says:

    Hello! ^-^ Is anyone there?

  16. Thomas Seterdal Says:

    Do you like the music in minecraft ??? I LOVE IT

  17. vincent rio Says:

    It looks good! Specially the sand under the glass :))

  18. PowminerPlays Says:

    Awesome video lydia! Just a question, (u probarly get this 100 times a day)
    but i would love it if you’d follow me on twitter! :3 my twitter is
    @PowMiner123! Bye! :3

  19. J_Skulloz Says:

    Love the series hope to see more !! :D

  20. ellie durkan Says:

    Hi Lydia I think it would be so cool if u made one of the brown mushrooms
    that are big into a loung area with loung chairs that u could make with 1
    stair and 1 slab and 2 signs 

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