Minecraft – Modern Mountain House 11

Minecraft - Modern Mountain House 11Minecraft – Modern Mountain House 11 The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Shaders for 1.7.2 Tutorial – http://goo….

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Nov 3rd, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Modern Mountain House 11”

  1. Luk at my fdora lel Says:

    I hit the like button with my uvula 

  2. Karim Karimous Says:

    Keralis I saw the grape farm on Dmac’s channel, and I just wanted to tell u
    that, that looks beautifully perfect, and realistic!

  3. Martin R Says:

    I dont like this “inspiration series” you just walk around in other’s
    buildings and talk about it, if there are no more builds coming i’ll

  4. wcjustin Tay Says:

    What happen to hermitcraft why are you not playing hermitcraft anymore 

  5. Duhh Swifteh Says:

    Just hit the like button with my toe.

  6. Ryan Vulcan Says:

    hey that’s not nice, that was my build. don’t report my art works

  7. liviu rotaru Says:

    Stop with ,, not IP in the toilet,, its getting anoyng.

  8. Lion Kolbe Says:

    how can i place snow or carpets without any block under it? i saw it in
    many videos and i dont know how to do that.:( can somebody help me pls??? 

  9. EpicGamingFTW Says:

    Hermitcraft S3 is here when are you going to play it?

  10. Robbe Peeters Says:


  11. MCTV Says:

    i swear to god. most keralis showcases now have been done by andyisyoda
    only a day or 2 prior. We know where keralis is getting his inspiration

  12. Sway Says:

    Hahahahahaa hate me pls

  13. BUILDZ Says:

    Them cars are so smexy well done aequotis buddy awesome :)

  14. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Modern Mountain House 11

  15. Thomas Greco Says:


  16. knifeedge23 Says:

    First, or at least YouTube says I’m first.

  17. stevnated Says:

    Omg, I want this texture pack so badly… when I download it and copy into
    my resource pack folder, Minecraft doesn’t recognize it… Does anybody
    know why that would be? I’m on 1.8, but it says it’s compatible… (I wish
    Flow would just put in on Curse… I got a PUP (Grooviorio) that I can’t
    get rid of now from trying to download it from an earlier Keralis vid
    posted four months ago… from planetminecraft.)
    -Edit: Sorry if this is a noob question! Right now I’m using Soartex
    Fanver, but I’m dying to try new textures. Should I go back to an older
    version of MC or what?

  18. Otto K Says:


  19. Leobardo Chavez Says:

    This make sad Because doesnt have download :(

  20. Keralis Says:

    So record Modsauce next? <3

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