Minecraft – Modern House 57 w/ Shark Tank & Nutella Panic Room!

Minecraft - Modern House 57 w/ Shark Tank & Nutella Panic Room!Minecraft – Modern House 57 w/ Shark Tank & Nutella Panic Room! The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Shaders…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 6th, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Modern House 57 w/ Shark Tank & Nutella Panic Room!”

  1. Kryotix Gaming Says:

    10/10 Amazing,it has it all! I loved the shapes,the interior,it gave a
    whole lot of ideas…
    By the way,just do Hermitcraft without Wifey,just until she can do videos
    again with you.I think you can run more than 3 series on this channel at
    the moment.

  2. Keralis Says:

    Modern House 57 w/ Shark Tank & Nutella Panic Room!


    Just going to call it, if the cinema room had redstone light switches etc
    it would be by far the best cinema I’ve seen in minecraft.

  4. VacuGamerPro Says:

    Primer comentario

  5. BI BA Says:

    City skylines keralis

  6. Tovaris Andrija Says:

    10/10 FANTASTIC

  7. Christopher Peacock Says:

    I just watched MumboJumbo’s tutorial for that spiral vault door.

  8. Sonic The Hedgehog Says:

    I want… I want a Nutella Panic Room… can I have a Nutella Panic Room..?

  9. ItsGames Builder Says:


  10. koot zamal Says:

    Cities Skylines – Ep.37 make iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit please blue eye man

  11. Cor Sijtsma Says:

    10/10 i only needed this house for inspiration gg buddy

  12. Quinty Fens Says:

    Hi Keralis, how can you use ice as a window or something else and that it
    doesn’t melt?

  13. BUILDZ Says:

    Great video K love this houses originality, I found some cool little design
    ideas thanks for inspiration :)

  14. TryHardGames Says:

    When comes Cities Skylines? :)

  15. TheRyscope Says:

    First! Lol

  16. Mehdi Ramz Says:

    Im from stockholm i sverge ( sweden in swedish

  17. DeeDee Ice Says:

    Hey man! Play terraria let play on your channal 

  18. Huy Thanh Nguyen Says:

    He use string under the carpet, in shaders mod, it’s hard to see the strings
    Although I don’t know how he did the small seiling light, it’s not doable
    without world edit

  19. Måns Nilsson Says:

    Its not WE you put a double flower and a carpet ontop, then you destroy the
    flower and the carpet stays! Its awesome and yea…

  20. Sophie Lewis Says:

    I want that house in real life

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